Detox Diaries: Alyssa’s 3-Day Cleanse

By far the most popular cleanse Pressed Juicery offers is the 3-Day Cleanse. You get deep detoxification in a real life-sized dose. For most of us, 3 days of juicing is about all we can handle in our busy lifestyles. All that busyness is all the more reason for us to give our bodies a break. Start with the 3 day, then advance to the 5 day at the next change of season. Here’s Alyssa from Marina del Rey’s experience…

  • Alyssa G. of Marina del Rey, CA
    Pressed Juicery Cleanse 2: 3 days

  • Why are you cleansing?

    I really want a reset. I am craving unhealthy foods and eating larger portions than I need. Last time I cleansed I realized that I don’t need the large portions and my body was satisfied post-cleanse on smaller healthier meals.

  • Detox Day 1:

    High Point: 3pm, having a Detox 4.

    Low Point: Lunchtime. I had a Roots 1, which I love. But I was craving food because of my routine, I was so used to that break in my day. So, instead I found myself shopping. #cleanseproblems

  • Detox Day 2:

    High Point:  Almond Milk mid-day. I have it at lunch, because that is when I crave food the most. And the almond milk is the most filling/tasty.

    Low Point:  Headache going into lunch. I felt it last time I cleansed as well, so luckily I knew it was coming. But once I had the almond milk I felt better.

  • Detox Day 3:

    High Point: I woke up feeling like I had a good night's sleep.

    Low Point: I missed chewing. And I wanted something savory and warm so I boiled some vegetables and drank the broth.

  • Results:

    I regained my sense of portion control, feel lighter, more focused - and my skin actually looks clearer!

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