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lyma supplement

THE LYMA SUPPLEMENT STARTER KIT | Since 2018, The LYMA Laser has completely shifted the skincare landscape, beloved by celebrities like Carey Mulligan for its ability to create an instant glow and improve skin quality and collagen production over time. In an effort to tackle skin integrity from the inside out, LYMA has created a glow-in-one Supplement that packs 10 proven ingredients into just one powerful formula to address sleep, mood, health, beauty, and performance holistically.

With anti-inflammatory, skin-supporting ingredients like turmeric extract, plant-based vitamin D, prebiotic beta glucans, saffron extract, and ashwagandha, we’re fully invested in replacing all of our other supplements for LYMA’s do-it-all’er.

b.t.r. nation bars

B.T.R. NATION PROTEIN BARS | We’ve been packing B.T.R. Nation Protein Bars in our go-bags for quite some time now. They are some of the cleanest bars on the market with no added sugar, no sugar alcohols, no allulose, are completely soy-free, plant-based, gluten-free, and most importantly, junk-free. Each bar packs a whopping 8g of protein, making it a great on-the-go option when you’re in a protein pinch. B.T.R. Nation also adds superfoods and functional ingredients like organic maca and cordyceps for an added boost to keep you energized and balanced throughout the day.

caddis il mare

CADDIS IL MARE POLARIZED SUNGLASSES | There’s a reason Gwyneth Paltrow is obsessed with Caddis. The brand produces some of the best-quality eye protection out there across readers, sunglasses, and blue light protection. The newest addition to their Polarized Sunglasses repertoire—Il Mare—is perfect for the summer ahead. Made in collaboration with Australian creative Sheree Commerford, Il Mare is made with upcycled #tide® ocean material that intercepts plastic before it reaches the sea, containing 0% virgin plastic and were produced with up to 80% less CO2 emissions.

Caddis’ proprietary polarized sunglass lenses enhance contrast and reduce 99.9% of glare without any digital screen distortion, making them our ultimate choice for when we’re reading (or scrolling) on the beach.

lata tinned fish

LATA MONTHLY DISCOVERY BOX | Never have to ask your friend who is visiting Europe to bring you back tinned fish ever again. Lata carefully curates a collection of premium imported tins from Spain and Portugal every month across fish, pâté, sauces, and more. When we first received their Monthly Discovery Box, we were blown away by the exceptional quality (and packaging) of the tinned goods included. We already considered ourselves “sardine people,” but with Lata, we’ve essentially leveled up our fish game, adding omega 3s and European flare to any #GirlDinner.


SELFMADE CORRECTIVE EXPERIENCE® COMFORT CREAM | selfmade is taking a completely different approach to skincare, pioneering psychodermatology—a new scientific field of understanding in the relationship between your mind and your skin. The Corrective Experience® Comfort Cream is no exception. As a face + body barrier cream, this Comfort Cream provides an immediate response to flare ups and irritation, thanks to soothing ingredients like extended release hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, anti-fragility bond rebuilderTM, marine algae extracts, and hemisqualane. selfmade’s products are so calming, you might just feel encouraged to look up your attachment style before shopping… Use code TCM10 for10% off through the end of May.

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