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Kelly Noonan Gores is an entrepreneur, writer, director, and producer. She gained recognition for her Netflix documentary HEAL (2017), which explores the power of the mind-body connection and the body’s natural healing capabilities. Kelly authored the follow-up book, HEAL: Discover Your Unlimited Potential and Awaken the Powerful Healer Within (2019) and is the host of HEAL with Kelly, a podcast that inspires, reveals tools, and shares personal stories of the body’s ability to heal. Through the HEAL platform, she aims to empower people by sharing knowledge about the remarkable ability and intelligence of the human body in an effort to expand our belief of what’s possible and become conscious co-creators with our lives.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kelly has been in the entertainment industry since the age of seven, acting in commercials, TV, and films. In 2012, she started Elevative Entertainment, a company dedicated to creating conscious media that informs and empowers. Her interests include psychology, wellness, spirituality, and an insatiable appetite for understanding consciousness. Outside of professional pursuits, Kelly is a mother, knowledge-seeker, meditator, investor, and she enjoys traveling, sports, reading, and writing.

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Living Well With Kelly Gores

Daily breakfast: It depends on the day, but I always start my day with 8-10oz of warm lemon water with a pinch of sea salt and a squeeze of Ion Biome soil-based probiotic. Then, I make a Kion coffee (organic, small batch, mold-free) blended with one tablespoon of organic coconut oil or MCT oil. After that, I try to wait until 10 am and then I’ll have a green smoothie, avocado toast on Erewhon sprouted sourdough bread sprinkled with salt and Saint Supply medicinal olive oil, or an Erewhon English muffin with homemade labneh (goat milk yogurt) and za’atar spice and olive oil. I say try to wait because I love intermittent fasting, BUT, that said, I listen to my body and levels of stress pertaining to work and raising a toddler.

My food philosophy in one sentence: I’m a “qualitarian.” I listen to my body and try to eat very little processed food. I also try to eat meat and produce raised as close to nature as intended (and humanely) as possible.

Non-negotiable: I don’t like to be rigid about anything. I am a seeker and an adventurer, so I’ll try most things to see how they resonate. I steer clear of chemically-laden food like Velveeta cheese and factory-raised meats pumped with hormones and antibiotics that have been slaughtered horrifically. But I also know that our bodies are incredibly resilient, so if we slip up for any reason, we can get back on track quickly with some awareness, some detoxification through exercise or a sauna, and implementation of better habits.

Daily supplements: I am seeing a very intuitive naturopathic doctor who is incredible, so I am on a new regimen to detox some specific parasites with Para 1, immune and digestive support supplements, and then address some food sensitivities, inflammation, mycotoxins, heavy metals, etc. Some supplements I take include:

+ a probiotic from Master Supplements called Theralac
+ a greens superfood capsule from US Enzymes called Chloraxym
+ drops of Core Black Radish Blend and Core Burdock Blend from Energetix
+ Smilax Supreme by Supreme Nutrition Products to bind to mycotoxins (mold) and endotoxins
+ Magnesium by Serena Loves or Ned Mello before bed
+ Iodine by Nascent Iodine
+ Just Calm by Just Thrive
+ LMNT Electrolytes
+ minerals like fulvic minerals, Manna dead sea minerals and Shilajit every day!

Best healthy food option on the go: Organic Fuji apple, a couple of handfuls of organic raw almonds (snack-style), and a couple of slices of imported cheddar cheese. Sometimes I’ll have The Goddess Smoothie from Erewhon, although they get expensive. You can make a similar smoothie at home for a lot less money.

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Favorite workout: I am obsessed with tennis right now, so I am getting a workout in and having a lot of fun while I am sweating on the court three times a week. Tennis is very right-arm dominant for me, however, so I do Pilates on the reformer and yoga to even out my body. If I need a good cardio session, I am still a fan of the Peloton Bike!

Crazy health idea that actually works: Alternating between the cold plunge and infrared sauna. I LOVE going in the infrared sauna and then going in the cold plunge. Ideally, I love dipping into the chilly Pacific Ocean after the sauna because you get the salt and mineral exposure too. Please note, you should see a cardiologist before attempting the hot-to-cold transition to make sure this is safe for you. As with anything, consult your doctor first. Cold plunges have been proven to develop a resilient mind, improve our respiratory function, which is our biggest detoxifier, and increase vascular fitness, which strengthens circulation and improves our detox pathways. Cold exposure is also proven to help with depression and anxiety. If you do go in the sauna, be sure to replenish what you sweat out with minerals. I usually pour a packet of LMNT into 32 ounces of water to drink during and afterward.

Once a week for my health… I consciously try to be un-productive for three hours. Just read, lay in bed, meditate for two hours straight, write, etc. I am an overachiever and an Aries. I have to train myself to do nothing and re-learn that sometimes rest is the most productive thing one can do.

At least once a week I cook… breakfast for my husband, haha. I don’t cook that often because we are blessed to have an amazing chef. But every morning, I make breakfast for my daughter, which is usually gluten-free pancakes and berries, or labneh toast like I described above.

Ingredient in products I always avoid: Chemical dyes, petroleum by-products, fragrances, “spices,” which usually means MSG, and anything GMO…yikes!

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If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be: Learn how to listen to your body—this comes from practicing awareness and mindfulness. The more you are present when eating or in life in general, and the more you quiet the mind with prayer, meditation, or solitude in nature, the more you hear the whispers that your body (and intuition) are trying to tell you. Symptoms like pain, scratchy throat, headache, rash, gas, fatigue, or tumors are all feedback from your body telling you something is out of balance. The more we cultivate awareness and follow the cues and signals our bodies are giving us, the more we can remember that our body is our greatest ally…it’s not failing us! It’s whispering, then speaking, then shouting, then screaming until we pay attention to its cries and needs.

Current reading list: How to Be the Love you Seek by Nicole LaPera (preparing to interview her for my podcast), The Way Forward by Yung Pueblo, The Creative Act by Rick Rubin, Quantum Success by Sandra Anne Taylor, and The Five Principles of Parenting by Dr. Aliza Pressman. I’m an avid reader…I have a stack of five or so books by my bed at any given time.

Simplest way to improve health: Sleep better, drink less or no alcohol, move your body – even walking an hour a day will do wonders for your health, and follow Michael Pollan’s dietary advice: eat food (real food not from a box)—mostly plants, not too much, and meditate every day. Oh, and read HEAL: Discover Your Unlimited Potential and Awaken the Powerful Healer Within, out now in paperback.

5 things always in my travel gear: Nike Vomero running shoes, workout clothes, Oura Ring to track sleep, my supplement regimen, and my journal.

3 staples always on my vanity: Summer Fridays Butter Balm in Pink Sugar, U Beauty The Super (moisturizer), Kora Organics body oil.

Go-to juice or smoothie: The Goddess Smoothie, add collagen, remove xylitol.

My current mantra: I have two: “Everything is as it should be,” and “I have all the money I need to spend, give, invest, and create as I desire and as I’m inspired, to generate joy for myself and the rest of the world.”

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