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Did you know that many of your hormones are made with cholesterol? And that Vitamin D is, too? With statin being one of the most prescribed drugs out there, keeping an eye out for high cholesterol is a persistent concern for many. But as we know in the holistic world of wellness, there’s always more to the story. Elissa Goodman, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, breaks down the the cholesterol and hormone connection that everyone should know.

Understanding The Hormone + Cholesterol Connection

“If you’ve been told that you have 6 months, 3 months, a year to lower your cholesterol or you’ll need a statin, please do not panic. You need to be tested for other inflammatory markers, infections, and even hormone levels before resorting to a statin. I am always talking about the importance of addressing your health holistically, and this is a prime example.

You may be wondering… how could hormones be involved in my cholesterol levels?! Well, every hormone that is a steroid hormone like progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, they all come from cholesterol. 80% of that cholesterol is a low density lipoprotein (LDL) which is known as the “Bad Cholesterol.” We actually need LDL cholesterol, in moderation of course, to create hormones.

So if your hormones are out of balance… You’re gonna be producing more LDL cholesterol to compensate. This is such an important connection to make before adopting a fear mindset about your cholesterol—it is not always a heart disease issue if you have rising cortisol! And you do not need to resort to a statin right off the bat.

I would love to work with you and discuss lifestyle shifts and support you on your healing journey. Let’s get your bloodwork results into optimal levels so you can start feeling better than ever!”

If you’ve recently been given a timeline for lowering your cholesterol from your doctor, it’s best to speak with them about doing additional blood work and hormone sleuthing that could be key to understanding your whole picture of health. Working with a nutritionist may not have crossed your mind, but adding a Certified Holistic Nutritionist like Elissa to your wellness team may add useful perspective as you analyze your health and your options around lifestyle choices. Click here for more with Elissa Goodman.

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