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there’s a reason granola has the word “no” in it. With so many sneaky additives like gluten, sugar, dairy, or seed oils, finding a healthful way to add a little extra crunch to your morning breakfast or afternoon snack without spiking your blood sugar has become seemingly impossible… until private chef Adrienne Lufkin said, “enough is enough!”

Having struggled with Crohn’s Disease, Adrienne had to avoid conventional granolas so as not to aggravate her condition, and in 2023, she decided to redefine the granola category altogether with Struesli (pr. stroo-slee). All of her granola blends (some savory and some sweet) are made with superfoods that conveniently fit into a variety of dietary and lifestyle needs—nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and grain-free. We first learned about her at our local Erewhon, and once we tried the Cacao+Coffee, we knew we were hooked for good.

As the Queen of granola, we thought it was only appropriate that we spend a morning with Adrienne to get inside the AM ritual that sets her up for a good day ahead.

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NAME: Adrienne Lufkin, Founder of Struesli—Granola Redefined.

MY WORK IN A NUTSHELL: Running a start up in the CPG space has many demands. Thankfully, we are in the age of virtual meetings so I have those daily with my team. Every week there are add-ins from networking with other female founders to setting up demo opportunities, speaking with various packaging or ingredient suppliers, or collaborating with other brands for social media.

I always try to carve out time to be in the kitchen crafting new recipes for Struesli. This takes time because I’ve never been the type to write out recipes, it just slows down my creative process when I’m in the zone, so I have to make a recipe multiple times to get it on paper!

HOW DO YOU TAKE YOUR COFFEE? I always buy the best-quality coffee beans (Camano Island Coffee Roasters) freshly ground in my French Press. I drink lemon water while it brews. One mug with a splash of cream makes me look forward to waking up. It’s that good!

DAILY BREAKFAST: I’m like a mad scientist. I like to mix high-protein skyr-style yogurt with my favorite plant-based Lavva yogurt (any flavor will do). It has the highest quality, live-active cultures, which are so good for your gut! I top that combo with Struesli, of course, I’m on a Cacao+Coffee kick right now. Add in a drizzle of raw almond butter and whatever berries I have at the moment.

DREAM BREAKFAST: The breakfast I described above is pretty dreamy in my mind, which is why I eat it daily. BUT, I do love eggs benny with a side of crispy home-fried potatoes, but who has the time?!

BEST THING TO PUT STRUESLI ON: Savory+Seed Avocado Toast, Cacao+Coffee Chocolate Chia Pudding, or just the Original on a spoon all by itself.

struesli avocado toast

GO-TO RITUAL IN THE AM? First I feed the dogs—I have two giant Leonbergers, and the pack leader, a Jack Russel. Then, while in the quiet of the early morning, I listen to a 10-minute guided meditation. I have some favorites on rotation that I choose from. Usually one focused on manifesting, gratitude, or positive vibrations. I find if I skip those 10 minutes, I’m out of whack for the day. Now that it’s getting a little warmer here in the northeast, I take the dogs for a walk before I have coffee, properly get dressed, or start my work day.

TREND/PIECE I’M EXCITED ABOUT FOR SPRING: Midi-length skirts with pockets ( must have pockets). I love that they can be worn casual with flats or dressed up with a wedge, easy and comfortable.

FAVE ROOM AT HOME TO START YOUR MORNING? The kitchen, of course. It’s peaceful in the early morning when I’m by myself. I don’t turn on the bright lights. I just enjoy the soft light from the big windows as I get my day started.

3 STAPLES ALWAYS IN MY PANTRY: Only three? You do know I’m a chef, right? Very thin ginger snaps (my husband loves these with coffee after dinner ), many types of nut butter (I’m obsessed), and a collection of vinegars.

FITNESS FOCUS LATELY: I do a lot of mat pilates, I’ve been using the magic circle a lot. It’s also fondly called the “tragic circle.”

MY STRANGEST WELLNESS HABIT: Maybe this is more anti-aging, but I have a red light mask. My family thinks it’s very strange!

WELLNESS PHILOSOPHY IN ONE SENTENCE: Do your best to be consistent, and all things in moderation. I feel like this applies to all areas of wellness: fitness, nutrition, spiritual and emotional health. It’s easy to get caught up in the noise of what everyone else is doing or not doing—this supplement, that green juice, journaling, dry brushing, meditating, cold plunging, caster oil packs, detoxing, fasting, seed cycling—the list goes on.

Find what feels right for you and your lifestyle, be consistent, and try not to get consumed or overwhelmed.

adrienne lufkin struesli

FAVE 3 BOOKS LATELY: Open by Andre Agassi, Grow a New Body by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver (one of Oprah’s favorites!).

FAVE THING TO MAKE FOR FRIENDS: I get this question a lot, and I always say my favorite thing to make at any given moment is what I’M excited about eating. I feel like my energy and passion goes into a meal when I’m feeling inspired. We are having guests over tomorrow and I’m making red wine-braised pulled pork ragu over pappardelle (spaghetti squash for me).

ONE THING YOU WISH PEOPLE KNEW MORE ABOUT: Every one of us has the ability within to create a life with meaning, joy, and abundance. It’s all within YOU to do that.

IF I COULD GIVE JUST ONE PIECE OF ADVICE IT WOULD BE… Don’t ignore your inner voice.

PERSONAL MANTRA LATELY: Enjoy the journey.

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