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THERE’S THE AGE-OLD quote, “The older you get, the wiser we are.” However, this very sage quote forgot to mention that no matter how wise we become, age doesn’t quite service us in all areas—our hair follicles being a major one. While hair changes—like texture, color, and thickness—are are not unexpected as we get older, many people still in their youthful prime are starting to complain of premature signs of aging as it relates to their strands.

To get to the root of the best ways to secure our follicles and maximize growth as we age, we connected with Helen Reavey, Board-Certified Trichologist, Celebrity Hair Stylist, and Founder of the innovative Act+Acre—a haircare brand that is going scalp-first into tending to your hair. When she couldn’t find any clean, scalp care products for her clients, she decided to create the world’s first Cold Processed® hair wellness brand that focuses on the scalp as patient zero of hair degradation.

The Future Of Scalp Care With Act+Acre’s Helen Reavey

WHY IS THE SCALP SO IMPORTANT TO OVERALL HAIR HEALTH? The scalp is the root of all hair health, meaning you need a well-balanced scalp to have healthy hair. There are so many factors including sweat, pollution, oil, and product build-up that can all cause bacteria to fester, which leads to discomfort, dryness, and itchiness throughout the scalp.

I always try to tie scalp care back to skincare—would you ever layer on makeup, and leave it on your skin for 3+ days without washing it? The answer is probably no, since it would leave your skin more prone to breakouts and extremely dry. The same goes for your scalp. Even more so, the skin on your scalp ages 6x faster than your face, so it’s also important to prioritize your scalp to have healthy hair.


+ Washing your hair when you really should be washing your scalp.
+ Trying to train your hair to produce less oil by washing it less when oil production is actually determined by factors like age, hormones, silicone buildup, and more.
+ Using scalp scrubs to promote scalp health when they can cause tears that risk inflammation/infection.
+ Using products with silicones. Although they are used to lock in moisture, they often build up on the scalp and hair follicles, causing oiliness, irritation, inflammation, and more.
+ Not using a weekly scalp treatment when these help to remove build-up, balance and hydrate the scalp, and create the optimal environment for healthy hair growth.


+ Sulfates | These are typically found in shampoos and can strip away natural oils on the scalp causing irritation and itch.
Silicones | These are known to lock in moisture, but ultimately can build up on the scalp + hair follicles causing oiliness, irritation, inflammation, and more.
+ Synthetic Fragrances | These contain chemicals and compounds that can dry out the skin and cause irritation.

WHAT ARE SOME OF THE BIGGEST ISSUES YOU SEE WITH PEOPLE + THEIR HAIR AS THEY GET OLDER? Hair thinning, loss of melanin and pigment in the hair, and change in hair texture are all extremely common changes that occur as we age. As we age into our 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond, we begin to lose collagen and DHEA minerals in the body, which can affect both hair and scalp health.

WHAT DOES COLD PROCESSED® MEAN?Our Cold Processed Method® sets Act+Acre apart from other brands on the market. We collaborated with chemists to innovate traditional product manufacturing practices and avoid heat-based production. Our innovative technique uses hyperbaric chambers, ice-cold water, and pressure to combine our plant-based ingredients.

HOW DID CONVENTIONAL HEAT PROCESSING CONTRIBUTE TO DAMAGED HAIR? Using products made with conventional heat-processing methods won’t directly damage your hair, but the formulas will likely be less effective. Traditional heat processing combines ingredients at extremely high temperatures, which can either degrade or alter the chemical composition of active ingredients, vitamins, proteins, and botanical extracts present in these products. This can affect the efficacy of the product and compromise its ability to nourish, strengthen, or protect the hair.

HOW DO COLD PROCESSED® INGREDIENTS TRANSFORM HAIR RESILIENCE + SCALP HEALTH? As a result of our Cold Processed Method® manufacturing process, our formulas retain up to 96% more vitamins while utilizing 90% less energy than other haircare brands on the market.

act+acre serum scalp detox

WHAT IS THE FIRST STEP FOR SOMEONE TO START THEIR JOURNEY TO A HEALTHY SCALP?Add a weekly scalp treatment to your routine! This will help ensure your hair is growing healthy and strong.

+ For pre-wash, I recommend our Salicylic Acid Scalp Exfoliator. It works on all hair types, but was specifically formulated for those with oily hair. If you’re more prone to dry hair, I’d recommend our Scalp Detox. It’s a pre-cleanse oil that repairs scalp imbalances while promoting hair growth.
+ For post-wash + daily use, I recommend our Stem Cell Scalp Serum. It’s made with Aloe Vera, which supports collagen production for improved scalp health.

WHAT’S INVOLVED IN A 30-DAY SCALP DETOX? WHAT SHOULD PEOPLE EXPECT TO EXPERIENCE? We recommend using our Scalp Detox Oil once a week prior to washing your hair. It’s formulated with Baobab Oil, which moisturizes and alleviates scalp sensitivity and Sunflower Oil, which breaks down build-up and supports a healthy scalp microbiome.

After 1-2 uses, you’ll find that itch-causing build-up is removed. After 3-4 uses the scalp moisture barrier is restored and within 5-6 uses, the scalp will feel hydrated, moisturized, and balanced.

HOW OFTEN DOES OUR HAIR CHANGE + REGENERATE? Hair growth occurs in cycles that include a growth phase (anagen), a resting phase (telogen), and a shedding phase (catagen). Since hair grows relatively slowly, it may take around 90 days (which is roughly the duration of one growth cycle) to see noticeable changes in the length, thickness, or overall health of your hair.

WHAT ARE THE BEST WAYS TO ENCOURAGE NEW HAIR GROWTH?There are so many factors that can affect hair health and promote healthy hair growth. Some include:

+ Maintaining a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins can help to support healthy hair growth. Foods that are high in iron, biotin, zinc, and vitamin D are particularly beneficial for hair health.
+ Blood flow and Scalp health are also crucial for hair health and growth. I recommend incorporating a weekly scalp treatment into your routine such as our Scalp Detox, which works to rebalance the scalp microbiome, remove buildup, and restore your healthy scalp, while stimulating blood circulation + promoting hair growth.
+ Stay hydrated! Drinking enough water ensures that your body can efficiently transport oxygen and nutrients to your scalp, which is necessary for healthy hair growth.
+ Incorporating supplements into your weekly routine that are high in Vitamin C, Biotin, and Amino Acids will help maintain hair follicle health and promote stronger hair, making users less prone to hair loss.

It’s important to note that consistency is truly key for hair growth treatments to work effectively. There is no one-and-done solution when it comes to hair growth.

act+acre hair conditioner mask


01 | Once a week, before the shower, I use a gentle treatment, such as our Scalp Detox to break down oil and remove product buildup from the scalp. I recommend steering clear of scalp scrubs as the beads can create tears in the scalp, leading to an increased risk of inflammation/infection.
02 | I always double cleanse with sulfate and synthetic-free shampoo, either our Balancing Shampoo or Curl Cleanse. I recommend double cleansing since the first cleanse removes product buildup, while the second wash actually cleanses the scalp.
03 | I condition my hair with our Conditioning Hair Mask. It’s light enough to be used daily, while still being deeply hydrating + moisturizing.
04 | I don’t go a day without using a restorative scalp serum, such as our Stem Cell Scalp Serum. It hydrates my scalp and creates the optimal environment for healthy hair follicle function. I use our Scalp Gua Sha to help the product penetrate into my scalp – it’s also super relaxing.
05 | For my ends, I usually add our Leave-In Conditioner and Hair Oil to repair any dryness + damage. smooth frizz, and mend split ends.

HOW CAN SOMEONE TEND TO THEIR SCALP FROM THE INSIDE OUT? When taken consistently, hair growth vitamins and supplements do a great job of supporting scalp + hair health from a cellular level, in turn promoting a healthier environment for hair growth. For your hair to grow, you need certain nutrients and minerals such as biotin and protein. Our regular diets typically fall short of these nutrients, and our hair, skin, and nails suffer the consequences

I always recommend our Thick + Full Hair Capsules. They’re formulated with great ingredients, such as Bamboo + Horsetail Extracts, Vitamin C, amino acids, and biotin, which work together to optimize hair follicle function, while visibly strengthening hair strands.

I also recommend incorporating foods such as poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds into your diet to ensure you get sufficient protein. Biotin, found in eggs, nuts, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens, is another key ingredient to overall hair health since it promotes keratin production. Outside of protein and biotin, I also recommend foods that are high in iron, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and Vitamin D, as they work to support overall scalp health (Omega-3 fatty acids), aid in hair tissue regrowth (Zinc), reduce the risk of thinning (iron) and stimulate hair growth (Vitamin D).

WHAT ARE SOME LIFESTYLE CHANGES YOU RECOMMEND FOR HEALTHY HAIR?Diet and hydration play an integral role in keeping your hair healthy and strong. The hair is mainly made up of the protein keratin, which promotes growth and strengthens the hair follicle to reduce damage and breakage. Drinking enough water ensures that your body can efficiently transport oxygen and nutrients to your scalp, which is necessary for healthy hair growth.

Stress also plays a role in hair health. Taking care of your health and well-being can be a huge deal for managing stress. Practicing self-care, keeping up with routines that make you feel good, and taking time out for yourself are all so important for de-stressing. That could mean daily breathwork to help oxygen flow to heal the body.

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