Bon Charge’s Super Max Red Light Therapy Has Turned Me Into An At-Home Biohacker

LIVING MY LIFE AS A BIOHACKER has gotten pretty pricey lately. When you start adding up all of the different modalities it takes to live optimally, you can end up with some pretty serious expenditures (which can potentially lead to less longevity, if you ask me). However, one modality I’ve continued to return to time and time again, no matter the cost, has been red light therapy, thanks to its supreme long-term, noticeable health benefits.

Given that my $250-per-month red light habit would eventually cause a dark hole in my finances, I decided to explore at-home options that would let me indulge in all of my mitochondrial-enhancing fantasies. During my incredibly intensive research phase, one company kept showing up—Bon Charge. Known as one of the most reliable at-home wellness brands in the recovery space, Bon Charge maximizes modalities like infrared, red light, and cold therapy for 360-degree wellbeing (with the testing to prove it).

With so much science behind red light’s benefits—enhanced collagen production, smoother skin, and improved hair growth, for example—I had few doubts about taking my paid practice home with me. After reading hours upon hours of reviews and watching online videos like it was my full-time job, I finally found the one: Bon Charge’s Super Max Red Light Therapy Device.

Before we get into why Bon Charge had me seeing red, let me first break down why red light is bringing light to the health-and-wellness scene at a rapid pace.

The Power Of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy—sometimes referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)—is a safe, non-invasive treatment that combines red light and infrared, penetrating deeply into our skin and activates the energy in our cells (or the ATP if you’re into science). Red light therapy targets your cellular “powerhouses” known as mitochondria within your body’s cells. Specific cells absorb particular wavelengths of light, which then trigger their activity. By increasing energy production in these mitochondria, other cells can operate more efficiently, facilitating tasks such as skin repair, new cell growth, and collagen + elastin production.

For those who are experiencing hair thinning, red light therapy is also a great tool for hair growth. Red light therapy aids in stimulating hair follicle cells on the scalp, thereby promoting hair growth. Specifically, the visible red light within the range of 630nm to 660nm, coupled with near-infrared light at 850nm, has been shown to activate hair growth in both men and women. When paired with topical hair regrowth creams, red light therapy can serve as a catalyst for enhancing hair growth.

While red light therapy typically comes in tandem with infrared, it’s important to distinguish the differences between them. Infrared boasts longer wavelengths, enabling deeper penetration into the body. Red light, on the other hand, penetrates the body more superficially with shorter wavelengths. Despite their differences, both therapies leverage light to activate cells and facilitate healing through distinct pathways. However, when used together, they offer synergistic benefits for maximum effectiveness.

The Bon Charge Super Max Red Light

There’s a reason I chose Bon Charge instead of all of the other biohacking brands out there. The Bon Charge Super Max Red Light Therapy Device offers the broadest surface coverage across their entire red light therapy portfolio. If you’re looking for full-body optimization, Bon Charge provides high-irradiance red light therapy. Personally, I lie on it horizontally on the floor, right next to it, for a full-body dose like I would get at my local wellness spa. And if you’re not in need of a large panel, they offer other sizes at different price ranges.

The Super Max Red Light is also flicker-free and low in EMF. Most competitive brands use inferior technology, which increases EMF-radiation exposure and heightens invisible flicker rates, which can be damaging to the eyes.

Speaking of eyes, red light is a safe and natural way to protect your eye health and help fight against various eye-related issues according to research—in spite of what you might think. The Super Max Red Light panel also comes with protective goggles for additional protection, should you not be ready to go “eyes wide open.”

While at-home wellness tech is revolutionary in making health-and-wellness accessible at an elevated level, one thing that can be challenging is finding a brand / product that doesn’t cause more harm than good (considering most of the industry is unregulated). One thing I love about Bon Charge is that their founders have a pristine standard for all of their products, road-testing every single product in their portfolio for at least six months before launching them to the public.

Leaving Me On Red

I’ve noticed a slew of benefits since amping up my red-light usage at home, but some of the best things I’ve experienced are…

SKIN IMPROVEMENT | Having previously used an expensive red-light mask from another brand on a daily basis, I must say, after just a few days of incorporating the Super Max Red Light panel into my routine, I noticed an immediate difference in my skin—especially in terms of my dark circles and the overall complexion of my skin. Even on nights when I had only managed five hours of sleep, I appeared as if I had had a full night’s rest…and then some. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a placebo effect, so I stopped using the panel for a few nights and right away, my dark circles came back. 

Better sleep quality | There were nights that I got less than seven hours of sleep, but I woke up feeling well-rested. I slept deeper and woke up with no morning grogginess. This is because of red light therapy’s effects on the body’s circadian rhythm and its production of melatonin. Exposure to red light in the evening can help to regulate the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle by signaling to the brain that it’s time to wind down and prepare for sleep (which is often interrupted by our incessant exposure to artificial blue light). Additionally, red light therapy has been shown to promote relaxation and help reduce anxiety by decreasing cortisol production (which replaces melatonin, as an FYI).

Muscle recovery | I go to the gym five times a week, meaning muscle recovery is one of my top priorities in my fitness regimen. Red light therapy aids in muscle recovery through several mechanisms. Firstly, it enhances blood circulation to the muscles, delivering oxygen and nutrients while removing waste products more efficiently. This increased circulation helps to reduce inflammation and swelling in the muscles, promoting faster recovery from workouts or injuries.

I, personally, like to do 20 minutes with both the infrared and red light every night to help with my recovery and full-body relaxation before getting into bed.

My Final Thoughts

The Bon Charge Super Max surpassed a lot my expectations. I was already aware of most of the benefits before trying it out at home, but I was pleasantly surprised to notice a significant difference in such a short amount of time. I can only imagine that, with consistent use, the benefits will continue to improve even more.

The results I achieved with the Super Max Red Light exceeded anything I’ve experienced in the past at wellness studios, spas, and gyms. Whether you’re already a fan of red-light therapy or you’re red-y to try something new in your recovery routine, I’d say go no further than your own living room.

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