Giada De Laurentiis

We're spending the day with Giada De Laurentiis - in the kitchen, of course. Find out why we can't get enough of this healthy foodie this month...

It’s no surprise to us that Giada De Laurentiis spends most of her time at home in the kitchen, but what we were surprised to find was just how much this famous foodie loves yoga and green juice (and she really does use olive oil on everything!)

We are so thrilled to host Giada as our December Guest Editor. A cozy month like December calls for a very special guest and we’ve always managed to share the holidays with ladies we truly love and admire – from Lauren Conrad to Erin Heatherton and designer Jenni Kayne.

From her accessible and healthful style in the kitchen to her undeniably charming Italian roots, we don’t know a girl out there who doesn’t love this Food Network darling and we’re excited to share Giada’s holiday cooking guidance and healthful living tips through the holidays and beyond.

Check out our day with Giada below and soak up all the lovely, practical simplicity we’ve all come to love her for…

Daily breakfast:

Oatmeal with olive oil drizzled on top.

Dream breakfast:

One made by Jade.

How do you take your coffee?

Americano with a little bit of agave.

Food philosophy in one sentence:

Eat a little bit of everything and not a lot of anything.

Favorite Pressed Juicery juice?

Greens 1.5 or Citrus 2!

Fave daily workout:

Yoga. I fit it in wherever I go… even if it’s just ten minutes in my hotel room.

Daily supplements:

Vitamin C packs and evening primrose oil.

Staples always in my pantry:

Olives, dried pasta, herbes de Provence, butcher salt.

Always wearing lately:

My G necklace.

Kitchen tool obsession:

The spider. It’s basically a collander-like spoon that allows me to take pasta out of water when it’s done without having to dispose of the precious pasta water, which is great for making sauces!

At least once a week I cook…

French toast.

Room I hang out in most:

The kitchen.

Strange wellness habit:

Infrared sauna.

Wine or cocktails?


Fave thing to cook for friends:

My lemon spaghetti.

Fave scent:

Jasmine anything!

Making time to read this book:

Currently reading Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing by Judy Blume with my daughter.

My “crunchiest” habit:

Raw almonds.

If I could give just one piece of health advice...

Drink lots of water.

A healthy recipe you love to make at home:

Jade’s Parfait: plain nonfat Greek yogurt, sliced strawberries with homemade strawberry jam, wheat Puffins cereal and honey drizzled over the top!

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  1. I typically love all the monthly editors for The Chalkboard Mag, but I am extremely excited about this one. Giada has been an inspiration for me in many ways and is the reason that I started cooking at 15. Thanks for adding her!

    Kathleen Mason | 12.05.2016 | Reply
  2. You say ” Check out our day with Giada below…” but there is nothing there. the post ends after “love her for”

    Katie | 12.05.2016 | Reply
  3. ah never mind, its working now! Excited for this month!

    Katie | 12.05.2016 | Reply
  4. Enjoy all that she is evolved in.

    Linda | 12.05.2016 | Reply
  5. Looking forward to the newsletter.

    Jeanne Durbin | 12.05.2016 | Reply
  6. I am glad you put Giada as your December guest editor, because I never heard of The Chalkboard. I read some of your articles and of course, Giada! Thank You!!

    Niki | 12.05.2016 | Reply
  7. I never heard The Chalkboard magazine. I read Giada and it’s interesting. Giada is one of my favorite chef.

    Joanne | 12.05.2016 | Reply
  8. Okay, seeing Giada mention this on Facebook definitely got me here! Excited to see what is in store for December. I love the fact that Giada mentioned Jade in her Q and A! Makes me like her even more!

    Maura | 12.06.2016 | Reply
  9. Love Giada!

    Dianne | 12.06.2016 | Reply
  10. Love that Giada!

    Monica Mahoney | 12.08.2016 | Reply
  11. I love Giada! She has great ideas and I watch her on the food channel! Gail Roth-Thanks!

    Gail Roth | 12.08.2016 | Reply
  12. Love reading The Chalkboard, and these foodie guests are inspirational. Thank you.

    Joyce PIPER | 12.08.2016 | Reply
  13. Adore Giada, and adore her specs! Do you know where her glasses from? Merci!

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