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SOME COULD ARGUE that actress Lynn Collins has seen life from both sides. Having starred in extremely well-known movies and TV shows like 13 Going on 30, The Merchant of Venice, John Carter, Wolverine, and True Blood, Lynn is no stranger to a world that orbits 16-hour set days and looking her best at all costs.

However, in 2012, Lynn finally hit her limit, falling victim to serious adrenal fatigue, perimenopause, Hashimotos, and a slew of other chronic health issues that left her with hormonal imbalances, hair loss, extra water weight, and a whole team of doctors searching for answers. Little did she know at the time, but her healing journey would lead her onto a new path of creating videos in the hopes of educating people who may have had similar problems with nowhere else to turn. And so was born The Good Woo, a physical and metaphysical practice that allows Lynn to work 1:1 with clients to unlock their optimum functioning state. Her goal: to be functional and practical, all while spreading the gospel about the modalities that have transformed her life and health at home.

One of the brands she cannot stop talking about is Somavedic and their lineup of EMF-mitigating, water structure-rebalancing devices. For those of you in need of a vibe check, EMF stands for Electromagnetic field. We dived deeper into Lynn’s own journey, mission, approach, and tips for a more harmonious wellbeing and lifelong investment in one’s health.

Lynn’s Journey With Somavedic + Healing Vibrations

About The Good Woo: When I first started The Good Woo, my son was just a year old, and there were so many things I didn’t know. Being a mom is one of those things that everyone just assumes you automatically have the answers to how to raise a child and keep them healthy. But in reality, none of us really know where to find all of these functional tools!

So, my very first video was all about water and how tap water is filled with heavy metals that can be a huge contributing factor to brain dysfunction, autism, dementia—the goes on and on. I discovered that, when your endocrine system is impacted, it can affect absolutely everything in the body—emotions and spirituality included. With so much fervor for what I was learning, I just kept building on my research, sharing how I was solving these problems in my everyday life.

The Good Woo is so many things, so it’s hard to oversimplify it or whittle it down. I work with clients 1:1 on ways they can live holistically, practically, and functionally while also leaning on metaphysical practices. I’m also studying to be a mystic (I’ve been told I have psychic gifts that I assure you have been really annoying).

At the end of the day, The Good Woo is about the basics: is your water clean? Are you moving your body? How are you handling the inundation of stimulation in your day-to-day life? Our brains aren’t built for that much intensity all of the time and there are emotional and physical ramifications because of it. What are you to do with all of those feelings?

My stance/passion for wellness overall: Health and wellness has to be at the forefront for everyone, where they’re finding non-toxic ways to be healthy and mediate these issues. I originally embarked on this journey of healing and wanting to return to an optimum functioning state. and then I became a mother, which was amplified by one thousand because I was instantly thrown into a world of navigating, “What do I put in my child’s body?!”

Once breastfeeding is over and whole foods begin, I really wanted to know how not to “toxify” my child with just the basic foundations of life. With wellness right now, it’s an area of our lives that is most challenging because the goalposts are constantly changing based on what’s good for you vs. what’s not. All of these questions won’t ever get you closer to a definitive answer unless you’re doing the work yourself to try to figure out what works for your specific body. You always have to be an advocate for yourself and educate yourself in this ever-changing realm of health.

How energetics, metaphysics figure into my wellness interests: I am a huge fan of physics and metaphysics (I’ve read all of the difficult books!). I’m fascinated by theories that everything is vibration, that everything is frequency—even our thoughts and emotions. While this is overwhelming, it also means we’re living in an energetic soup at all times, which puts the responsibility on us to mold how the energy around us flows.

If you consider that your home space should be an energetic sanctuary, then you have to first start from the idea that everything is vibrational and everything you do at home needs to create a sense of peace and calm within that space. I realized that I’m definitely a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) who is sensitive to noise, light, all of it. I have to be careful not to get overly stimulated or would up, so it’s been work for me to figure out how to keep things calm in my home, knowing that there are always going to be outside influences shaking up my balance.

As a results, I started working with essential oils and different kinds of light therapy, which was when Somavedic came into my life.

What the heck is the Somavedic? Somavedic creates an energetic frequency field that protects your space from any EMFs (or even bad attitudes), transmuting any toxin energy into something positive. There are thousands of studies showing the adverse effects of EMF on our bodies, so it’s critical to have a cocoon to restore within.

The Somavedic also creates a frequency that can penetrate all matter. Did you know we’re made up of around 80% of water? The Somavedic devices are able to charge water to return to its optimum cellular function, which means the same is happening for your blood and water cells in your body. With external factors like 5G, that have the ability to shake up toxic elements in the body, having something that can mitigate that frequency can be life-changing.

Somavedic is so hard to describe! What was your initial impression after using one – first hour, day? For me, I felt the effects of the Somavedic right away. I immediately dropped down into a less buzzy, less frenetic sensation. I let it charge for about half a day, then I really sat down with it to see how it affected me. I noticed that it transformed my ability to go deeply into meditation, and it 100% affected my sleep night one.

Initially, I didn’t fall asleep right away. Be aware there is an adjustment period! Pre-Somavedic, I was perimenopausal—super lethargic and tired, needing naps throughout the day. The Somavedic actually increased energy that had potentially been suppressed. I was excited about how clear my mind felt and how alert I was, and even during the adjustment period, I never woke up feeling tired or ill-rested.

As the week went on, I also noticed that my son’s sleep and focus greatly improved and was like, “Wow, they’re really onto something here.”

Be prepared to drink a lot of water during this adaptation period because there is for sure a detoxification effect. I also made sure to drink water that was being restructured by the device to help balance the frequencies.

Could you talk us through your experience on each of these factors?

Sleep: Before Somavedic, I wasn’t able to have a full night’s sleep. I would get up quite often. Now, I sleep through the night for about 8-9 hours per night/ I also notice my son rarely complains of being tired, which is a huge deal for parents.

Health/Physical Wellness: I have noticed a severe reduction in joint pain. The Somavedic also alerted me to things I needed to detox more deeply. Since I’ve started using the EMF-Effects Mitigating Device, I’ve been able to pinpoint that I need to do a heavy metal detox and parasite cleanse because the device is able to create such a vibration of homeostasis that you can very quickly spot the gaps. It’s a commitment!

Energy/Mood: When you have this kind of release, things just feel calmer and smoother. I’m able to process things better, I’ve noticed my relationships have improve (even with my neighbors), and I find myself clocking that meetings are more productive in my home than outside or in my car.

What would you say has been the most compelling part of your Somavedic experience? Honestly as a parent, watching my son physically be able to come in from the outside world and feel that his home is a nurturing, vibrational space has been so rewarding. I see him calm down more easily and release anxiety, which has been a profound experience for me. I don’t need ADHD medication or pharmaceuticals to help him find balance. It’s been such a relief to feel that there is something natural that allows him to “drop in.”

Is there anyone in particular you would recommend the Somavedic to? Parents, parents, parents. I think it’s worthwhile to have one in your kids’ room, one next to your water in the kitchen, one in your room, and then see what happens.

At the end of the day, I could talk about Somavedic all day long, but your journey to reclaiming wellness is a personal journey that will affect you specifically and individually. It comes back to hwere is your body at when you use these tools and how can you move forward to toward an optimum functioning state.

What would you say to someone who is skeptical about the Somavedic? Listen, I get it. It is a financial investment, but you are truly investing in long-term wellness. I can guarantee that the noise in our world is just going to increase, and the ability to create peaceful, healthy, clean homes will only become more challenging. You don’t want to be a prisoner to dynamics or medications that are just going to cause more problems.

Somavedic eliminates so many toxic solutions to the basic problems we’re all facing because we’re getting inundated with stimulation and frequency every day. I think this kind of investment is worth it through and through—especially when it’s about protecting your childrens’ brains and how they’re forming. At least I know I’m doing all I can to eliminate any negative effect to the best of my ability. And, worst case: the brand offers a 60-day, money-back guarantee, which means you can try it stress-free.

You also use the tiny travel / mini Somavedic while you’re out and about – tell us about that? There’s a tiny, rechargeable keychain that I put in my sling bag when I go out. I can always tel when it needs to be recharged or when I don’t have it. I definitely need more of them.

Anything else? What did we miss? Somavedic knows it’s a huge investment for you, your family, and yourself. If you’re not seeing results, you can easily send back your device for a full money-back guarantee. If you do see results, congrats. You’ve just taken a huge next step on investing in yourself, your wellness, and the vibration of what’s around you.

Join Lynn in the vibrational revolution with 10% off any Somavedic mitigation device. Use code LYNNTCM. Active sitewide.

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