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THE TOPIC OF SKIN IS ALWAYS IN. From gua sha to red light therapy to NAD+ IV therapy, we’ve tried it all, but what we’ve learned throughout all of our skin pursuits is one thing: keeping chronic inflammation at bay maintains a healthy, youthful glow as we age—from the inside out, that is.

When it comes to managing inflammaging, many people assume essential fatty acids like omega 3s are the only EFAs to consider. However, fatty15 has brought one newly discovered, rarely talked about essential fatty acid to the forefront of cellular repair that is taking the #SkinSpace by storm.  

We have already experienced the endless benefits of fatty15 first hand—better sleep, recovery + mood—but we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of how this cellular warrior can actually transform our skin so we’re slowing aging over time rather than in spite of it.  

Fatty15: Working From The Inside Out

Founded by Drs. Stephanie and Eric Venn-Watson, fatty15 came into being after Stephanie noticed, while caring for aging dolphins, that the presence of certain small molecules in their diet  was transforming their cellular function (and therefore creating a healthier aging process). Among these molecules, one thing was clear: C15:0 (aka pentadecanoic acid)—a healthy and active saturated fatty acid—was an essential nutrient that could make a huge difference at a cellular level… except there was one problem: our bodies don’t make enough of C15:0 on our own, and regular omega 3s aren’t doing as much as we think they are.

As fatty15 has gained traction, so too has its benefits in defending against the skin’s aging process. C15:0 has been shown to reverse aging at the cellular level by addressing the Hallmarks of Aging, which include Cellular Senescence (zombie cells), Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Weakened Cellular Signaling, and Inflammaging. But first, a refresh on how aging starts in the first place.

As we age, our cells become susceptible to ongoing oxidative damage caused by modern-day internal and external stressors like the climate, stress, processed foods, pollution, poor sleep hygiene, and chronic blue light exposure—just to name a few. As our cells endure this ongoing “wear-and-tear,” they lose the resilience to fight against inflammaging, which is a newer term for chronic inflammation that leads to premature aging.

Fatty15 is a sturdy nutrient that blocks oxidative stress, making our cells stronger and more stable, so we’re less likely to show signs of breakdown with age.

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How it works:

+ Protects against and neutralizes aging-driving zombie cells by enhancing cellular strength, eliminating detrimental cells, and regulating immune responses.

+ Reverses mitochondrial dysfunction by restoring energy-generating pathways, particularly by increasing ATP, thereby ensuring efficient mitochondrial function. This prevents the generation of harmful reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are associated with aging. Peer-reviewed studies demonstrate that the pure C15:0 ingredient in fatty15 reduces ROS levels by 45%.

+ Rescues cellular signaling by enhancing critical lines of communication between cells, which helps to rebalance immunity and metabolism, ultimately promoting whole-body homeostasis.

+ Calms inflammaging by turning down 18+ pro-inflammatory cytokines. Cytokines are chemicals responsible for our chronic inflammation, especially as we age.

Your Skin’s Newest Secret Weapon | C15:0

While C15:0 can be epic for your internal health, it actually has remarkable benefits for our skin. Research suggests that this essential fatty acid actually plays a role in promoting skin elasticity, which is essential for minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also supports our skin’s natural barrier, which is our shield against oxidative stress (when intact). Unfortunately, with so many people using products that are either chalkful of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, overly drying, overly exfoliating, or abrasive, our skin barriers have taken a hit, leaving us with sensitive, compromised skin. 

C15:0 helps to both calm and smooth the skin by reducing inflammation as well as locking in moisture naturally. This helps to repair the skin barrier from the inside out, regardless of any serum or cream you’re using. The result? More supple and strengthened skin.

Before You Buy Another Skincare Product

In today’s day and age, there are more skincare products than ever claiming to be the new “fountain of youth.” But one thing we keep seeing over and over again is that few products are able to tackle the lifestyle component of what leads to aging in the first place.

Fatty15 prides itself on being science-backed and clinically studied, proving that even our surface layer has deep roots. If you’re looking for the next big thing in skincare, consider that it might not be a topical ointment or cream, but rather a daily supplement that will continue to support you as you age gracefully and healthfully.

The secret to glowing, radiant skin starts from within. Try fatty15 for yourself with 20% off the 90-Day Starter Kit with a subscription—no code needed. Get your skin in the game!

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