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WHEN CEO & FOUNDER Jenelle Manzi’s Get Golden organic nut + seed bars came across our proverbial desks, we had to know more about this professional ballerina-turned-wellness extraordinaire.

Jenelle began her professional ballet career at age 16, traveling all over the world to perform in cities like Paris, Tokyo, and Copenhagen where she cultivated a deep-seated appreciation and passion for high-quality, whole ingredients. After experiencing chronic injuries and food allergies while on the road, Jenelle sought out effective ways to heal herself through whole nutrition, creating convenient and nourishing snacks in her own kitchen (that her fellow ballerinas were obsessed with). And so Get Golden was born.

Beyond her fervor for well-rounded pantry staples, Jenelle has become—what we would call—a Wellness Tastemaker with self-care rituals that are spa-worthy and can be done at home. We asked her how we can achieve peak wellness in our own homes, and we’ll need her to guide us towards our best selves moving forward.

FAVE WELLNESS TREND RIGHT NOW: Honest answers only! I’m open to all “wellness trends,” but what I love most is when certain practices that were once deemed “quackery” become recognized and accepted ways to really help people. The best!

MOST INSPIRING SPA EXPERIENCE: One of my favorite places in the world is Pantelleria, Italy, which has a super special hot water lake called Lago di Venere with the most incredible blue color. After you’ve spent time swimming in it, you can lather yourself in this thermal volcanic mud nearby, then lay out to dry and bask in the sun. Your skin, muscles, and body feel absolutely incredible after. Mother Nature is my favorite spa!

THAT MOMENT YOU BECAME OBSESSED WITH WELLNESS: After years of struggling with chronic sports injuries and food allergies, I looked to alternative ways to heal my body and strengthen my system. I suppose you could say my obsession with wellness came from necessity.

GO-TO SELF-CARE RITUAL: I love my morning skincare ritual, it’s really a non-negotiable for me. I’ll always wake up at least 30 minutes early no matter what time it is in order to have this sacred moment for myself. I love using my lymphatic facial brush and then my PureLift Pro for a quick wake up. It’s not only relaxing, but leaves me feeling much more energized and ready to take on the day.

TOP 3 PRODUCTS YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: PureLift Pro, Beauty of Joseon Sunscreen, and an eyelash curler…always.

MUSIC FOR PRO-LEVEL RELAXATION: I love to dance it out in my apartment while I’m baking or trying to let the day go. I’m really into Big Bootie Mixes by Two Friends (I know, the name! But don’t knock it until you listen). They never fail to lift my spirits and put me in the best mood.

ESSENTIAL OILS IN YOUR DIFFUSER: I love Relax by Campo or just regular Palo Santo sticks.

MOST OUTRAGEOUS WELLNESS PRACTICE: Ever since I started dealing with my injuries and inflammation, I became obsessed with science and also skincare. I will try pretty much anything to test it out. I love all of my tools that have made it into my routine. Whether it’s my microcurrent device, Oura Ring, or light therapy mask… I would say they are all pretty outrageous. But hey, I work hard and they make me feel happy!

BEST AT-HOME SPA SNACK: I make these double dark chocolate chip protein bites that are my absolute favorite. They are low in sugar, high in protein, and have the most decadent texture. Get Golden’s Sunrise Spread is a secret ingredient that gives them a smooth flavor. I’m sharing the recipe in my newsletter Ballerina Journal this coming week—stay tuned!!

IDEAL SATURDAY NIGHT AT HOME: This is a fun question, I love a self-care night in!

01 I’d begin with putting on some music.
02 Next up is an exfoliation shower where I prep my skin for a little self tanner (it’s winter in NYC!!).
03 After, I’ll put a hair mask on. Then I’ll apply the self tanner.
04 While I wait for that to dry, I make a cute drink for myself and order in sushi or Thai.
05 I love making chocolate cups with Sunrise Spread and sea salt, so I’ll start melting some chocolate and make them (takes 15 minutes) while I wait for dinner.
06 After dinner arrives, I’ll put on a favorite show or read a good book while I eat.
07 Then it’s time to wash off the tanner and hair mask!
08 Last step is tea and some chocolate cups. Follow this with a good night sleep and I’m a happy girl.

NON-NEGOTIABLES FOR SELF-CARE: My morning skincare routine and sleep!

BEST HEALTHY SWEET TREAT: A lot of these are overlapping, you can see where my head is. I love making chocolate fudge or chocolate-dipped protein bites. Recipes in my newsletter!!

WILL CANCEL PLANS FOR: A reset night when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Strengthening my boundaries has been a big one for me after I launched Get Golden.

THE PERFECT SPA NIGHT INCLUDES: Robe, at-home facial, Palo Santo burning, and a healthy(ish) sweet treat!

SOMETHING EVERYONE SHOULD BE DOING: To be aware that wellness means and looks like something different for everyone. It’s so important to learn what makes your own mind and body feel its best.

FAVE SELF-CARE // WELLNESS RESOURCES: Some of my friends refer to me as their top researcher. My go-tos are anything from Peter Attia, Huberman Lab, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, and Dr. Stacy Sims to podcasts like Fat Mascara and Eyewitness Beauty. I also, of course, love case studies from my nutritional science course material (which I completed a little while back!).

DIY FACE MASK RECIPE. GO: Changing it up with a hair mask as it’s super dry in NYC and my scalp has not been feeling it! I love mixing a few oils for a scalp massage such as Fable & Mane Hair Oil and rosemary oil. Then I saturate my hair with Vegamour’s Hydrating Mask. This combination of the scalp oil treatment and hair mask gives such life to my locks – I love it.

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