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    best products from Expo West 2019

    Tiger butter. prebiotic soda. Hemp Parmesan. We get a major thrill from discovering fun, new, functional wellness products at Expo West each year. Expo West is the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products event, and the 2019 gathering certainly delivered the goods this year.

    Over 3,500 health and wellness brands posted up in Anaheim, California for this year’s convention. To help us navigate the madness, we asked TCM contributor and wellness devotee, Alexa Gray, to drop in and report back with a few top finds. We selected these eleven picks from her list – here’s why:

    we’re pro Prebiotics: You could blame is on Dr. Gundry and his message surrounding lectins or simply chalk it up to the overall growing interest in gut health, but prebiotic foods are becoming more important to healthy consumers.

    give us Luxe veganism: Veganism’s crunchiest days are behind us. If you’re looking to live that plant-based lifestyle, but still crave the kind of pantry essentials that thrill the artful foodie in you, 2019 is your year.

    we love brands that give back: Can grabbing a snack for a night in with friends also contribute to stability in the Middle East? Can your chocolate fix also solve the global hunger crisis? It might be a stretch, but more brands are building meaningful give-back models into their business and we’re not mad about it.

    From reimagined first aid kit staples to prebiotic everything, here are the eleven products that caught our eye…

    Patch strips | We all know that bandages are an essential in every home, but they just got a major upgrade. Patch strips are made with 100% organic bamboo fiber and also contains activated charcoal, aloe vera and coconut oil to help wounds heal. Their natural, organic, biodegradable and sustainable ingredients make them a great green choice that has more function, design and support than anything you will find at a regular pharmacy. CHECK OUT

    Expo West 2019 coffee manufactoryCoffee Manufactory | Clean, gorgeous and born out of Tartine in SF, this coffee is delicious and a leader in coffee sustainability. Their flagship roasters located in DTLA, and they work alongside research partners at SCS Global, University of Michigan and MIT to make sure their entire process is transparent. Paying a sustainable price to producers is a key focus and an important, positive step in the coffee supply chain. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the coffee is absolutely delicious and the packaging is swoon worthy. CHECK OUT

    Pimp my Salad Hemp Parmesan | This vegan condiment is addictive and delicious. Vegan hemp cheese is made from just hemp seeds and nutritional yeast. It’s a great source of B vitamins and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. It enhances the yum factor for any recipe (think salads, pizzas, vegetable dishes and beyond). CHECK OUT


    Expo West 2019 tiger butter coTiger Nut Butter | Did you know that tiger nuts are not even nuts? They are actually a root vegetable from Africa rich in prebiotic fiber and micronutrients. Totally nut, seed and dairy free, tiger nuts are the perfect prebiotic and protein-packed treat for when you need something filling that’s as good for your body as it is for your gut. CHECK OUT

    Expo West 2019 olipopOLIPOP | Who knew that soda could actually be healthy for you? Meet OLIPOP, a sparkling digestive tonic with plant botanicals. Full of fiber and prebiotics, OLIPOP is on the cutting edge of gut health and contains various plants and botanicals like calendula, kudzu root, chicory, marshmallow root and more. From ginger lemon, strawberry vanilla to cinnamon cola, the cult following has begun so prepare to ditch La Croix for the next addiction on the market. CHECK OUT

    Expo West 2019 pizza crustCappellos Naked Pizza | Cappellos is the kind of company that increases in quality as the years go on. Their naked pizza is one of the most delicious and functional food products on the market. Their almond flour and free-range egg crust is a blank canvas for your creative expression. No matter what you have stocked in the fridge, you can create the custom pizza of your dreams. You can also cook the naked crust plain and add fresh herbs on top for a delicious gluten-free flat bread that’s completely mouth watering. CHECK OUT

    Expo West 2019 le grand pestoMaison Le Grand plant-based pestos | The best tasting plant-based pesto with gorgeous packaging. If you’re plant-based or vegan, you know how important the right high-impact condiments can be. These pestos are clean, delicious and look gorgeous in the fridge — triple threat.  CHECK OUT

    Expo West 2019 lifestraw water pitcherLifeStraw Advanced Home Filter Pitcher | You have probably heard the remarkable stories about LifeStraw. Their seminal drinking straw has been brought to communities around the globe (over 60 countries to date) who struggle with clean and filtered water. Their membrane micro-filter helps to remove micro plastics, parasites, lead and chemicals from tap water. And their sleek new glass-bottom filter pitcher is about to replace every other filter you may own,  and the base is made of glass. When you support LifeStraw you also support clean water for people around the world — everyone deserves clean water. CHECK OUT

    Expo West 2019 cauliflower pastaCali-flour foods Penne Pasta | Cauliflower everything was all the rage at this year’s expo. This delicious penne is only made with two ingredients: cauliflower and yellow lentils. Simplicity at its finest. This non GMO and preservative-free penne is flavorful, right and a great way to get an extra serving of vegetables in your meal. CHECK OUT

    Prommus Hummus | Prommus Hummus was started by a NY-based investment banker who is originally from Aleppo, Syria. He began visiting the Turkey and Syrian borders and working with non-profits by supporting children in refugee camps. He saw how vulnerable these children were as a consequence of war and, after seeing so much malnutrition, decided to create a product that would support his native land. Prommus Hummus flavors are delicious and pressed with a high-pressure processing technique using purified cold water versus preservatives or heat to pasteurize the hummus. It’s also very difficult to find a clean and delicious hummus product on the shelf that isn’t filled with preservatives. Whether it’s traditional, avocado, red pepper or Kalamata olive, no one can touch Prommus Hummus with its quality taste and ethics to match. CHECK OUT

    This Saves Lives Collagen Bites | From rose water and matcha to dark chocolate and bentonite clay, this bar saves lives and has left no healthy boost behind. With its remarkable debut at the expo, this organization sends food to those in need with every single purchase. This is truly the way consumers can pay it forward. By supporting brands that have already set up the ability to help those in need, consumers can enjoy the quality of a wellness product, the aesthetic of a brand and take pride in knowing that a percentage of that sale is going toward a project-based cause.

    Peek at a few of our favorites from last year’s Expo West here — which ones have you tried?


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