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WHEN PEOPLE PASS BY one of the three, beautifully designed re_ grocery stores in Los Angeles’ Studio City, Mar Vista, or Highland Park neighborhoods, they quickly assume it’s just another trendy, higher-priced “Millennial” take on something classic or essential. However, we would ask that you look again.

Founded by Joseph and Lauren Macrino in April of 2020 (on Earth Day, in fact), re_ was created with a passion to fully eliminate the need for plastic packaging during one’s grocery shopping experience. As Los Angeles’ only refillable bulk goods, zero-waste grocery store, re_ focuses on providing customers access to the highest quality, may-as-well-be-from-a-farmers-market goods for every facet of your life without paying a premium.

Having only been purveyors of the Studio City location ourselves, we decided to get the scoop (which is a bulk pun), and see how it would feel if we attempted to shop more sustainably. Going in, we wondered if we’d be able to get most of our kitchen and home staples at re_ without needing to go to a more commercial supermarket or shop online, and we were very pleasantly surprised.

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OUR SUSTAINABLE GROCERY EXPERIENCE: We met with one of the co-founders, Joseph, who ran us through the best way to “re_.” He explained that you can bring your own clean and dry containers or bags from home to refill, but if you don’t, re_ has super chic glass jars and bottles (that you will happily add to your pantry portfolio) for purchase. Every single item has QR codes to provide you with in-depth product knowledge as well as a proprietary NFC tag system that allows you to track container weights for a seamless process that lets you handle your refillable bulking in peace.

We were massively impressed by the over-500 organic and non-GMO bulk goods in the store (even though it didn’t feel overwhelming or crowded in the slightest). re_’s minimalistic design manages to contain its wide array of products in an infrastructure that has been artfully curated to service one’s entire shopping experience in a holistic way. Not to mention it had absolutely everything we could think of—from bentonite clay to banana chips to dried rose petals a golden milk latte mix to clean shampoo and conditioner.

The best part: If you don’t have the stamina to walk or drive to one of re_’s three locations, you can opt to order online instead—either picking up your order IRL or getting it delivered.


Why We’re Obsessed: In 2018, less than 5% of plastic was recycled in the USA, which is terrifying given plastic’s largest market is packaging—of which growth can be attributed to a global shift from reusable to single-use containers.

By rethinking, reusing and refilling, re_ grocery has diverted over 500,000 items of packaging from landfill since the brand’s launch. Every single item in the story is either reusable or 100% recyclable, and let us reiterate again: all of the food is zero-waste. They also prioritize working with local, ethical brands that have a focus on sustainability and offer products in large quantities like Diaspora Co. Spices, Activist Honey, Bathing Culture, Canyon Coffee, and Semolina Artisanal Pasta. As a part of their mission, re_ is a certified B Corp and a 1% for the Planet Member.

Our Re_ Grocery Haul

LANDISH WILD-CAUGHT MARINE collagen | One item we were definitely not expecting to see in re_’s bins was marine collagen. Sourced from Nova Scotia, leveraging all parts of the fish, re_’s marine collagen—in collaboration with Landish—is wild-caught, unflavored, and third-party lab tested, so as to ensure there are no heavy metals. Given the insanely amazing benefits of marine collagen for your hair, skin, and nails, we’ll be adding this to our collagen wellness lattes until further notice.

BEET ROOT POWDER | Recently, we’ve been adding beet root powder to our daily smoothies, thanks to its positive impact on blood flow, circulation, and post-workout recovery. However, we typically find ourselves having to look online for a high-quality, organically sourced beet root powder (which can be really annoying when you run out and need it in a pinch). Knowing that we could just refill our superfood supply in a casual errand was a huge relief.


EVOO, EARLY HARVEST | Olive oil has been having a moment for quite some time, but over the past year-and-a-half or so, things seem to really be heating up for our beloved kitchen staple. In fact, it’s starting to feel like olive oil is the next luxury accessory over a pantry essential. re_’s Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect drizzle oil to enhance any salad or veggie dish (sometimes we add it to our smoothies!). Sourced from a 125 year-old, family-owned-and-operated orchard, this olive oil has one of the richest amounts of health-promoting phenolic acid, which is a powerful health-protective antioxidant to keeps us glowing (and hopefully aging less).

RAS EL HANOUT | Until recently, we had no idea ras el hanout was a thing. Then we found ourselves at Desert Hot Springs’ hidden oasis Two Bunch Palms, which leverages the spice blend as a part of their insanely delicious food program. Made of fourteen ingredients (!) that have been sourced from around the world, re_’s Ras El Hanout blend is the perfect sweet-savory spice add-on that will transform any dish (we’ve been adding it to salmon and roasted veggies lately, and it’s next-level umami).

LAUNDRY LIQUID, YLANG YLANG | During our time at re_ grocery, we were pleased to see young people coming into the store, “doing the thing,” if you will. We noticed one person with several of their own reusable containers, living large at the household goods station, which got us thinking we should do the same. The Ylang Ylang Laundry Liquid turns conventional laundry detergent on its head. It’s allergy-friendly, earth-friendly, suitable for hot or cold water, and boosted with live plant-derived enzymes to dissolve stains. That’s a wash, if you ask us.

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