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Seraphin Capranos is a clinical herbalist, homeopath, and initiated priestess with a practice spanning over two decades. As well as being a deeply engaging teacher and speaker, she has a clinical practice on an island in the Salish Sea. Her unique blend of gifts straddle the vast worlds of plant medicine, homeopathy, ritual, and ceremonial magic. She is a sought-after international teacher who has taught thousands of students since 2008. She is the CEO and founder of The Center for Sacred Arts.

A Time Of Renewal

The daffodils and tulips are showing their colorful splendor in my garden, a sign spring is finally here after a long, grey winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Spring aligns with the astrological new year marked by the sun moving into fiery Aries, characterizing the potency of spring.

Jumping into spring has some feeling hopeful, optimistic, and ready to start new projects. Others may feel agitated, angry, and frustrated. Both of these emotional extremes are an expression of our liver energy rising, as the liver is associated with spring according to Chinese medicine.

Spring is the season of renewal, growth and re-birth—it’s when we move out of the darkness of winter (Yin) and towards the light (Yang). This time of year it’s important to take care of your liver and gallbladder, not only to help the body feel supported, but also your mood and spirit. Nature and its seasons don’t just happen “out there,” they quite literally happen inside our body—mind and emotions too. We are not simply connected to nature, we are nature. 

seraphina capranos meaning of spring herbs

There is a sacred order and elegance within nature. During this time of year, the “weeds” that pop up in your backyard and between the cracks of sidewalks are actually the powerful, wild, medicinal herbs that tonify our liver and gallbladder and improve our mental clarity and mood.

These herbs are sometimes called “detox” herbs. However, our body is detoxing all the time without the help of herbs. This is just what the body does (and does well). What these spring detox herbs do is help support the body’s intelligence in what it is already doing by providing additional support through minerals, enzymes, and potent compounds that decrease inflammation in the body and provide healing bitter compounds. In doing so, we find that our digestion improves, which supports the liver and gallbladder. The liver loves the taste of bitter, and bitter loves the liver. 

Herbalist Seraphina Capranos’ Spring Herbal Tincture

Use this tincture all through spring to improve digestion, liver flow, and boost mental clarity. Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts. They are an excellent way to preserve herbs and consume by the dropperful.

Fill a wide-mouthed pint jar (500ml) with the following fresh or dried spring herbs, in equal parts:

+ Chickweed (Stellaria media) | Anti-inflammatory, soothing, nourishing, good for the respiratory system.
+ Cleavers (Galium aparine) | Improves lymphatic function, good for skin.
+ Nettle Tops (Urtica dioica) | Nourishes the adrenals, immune system, blood.
+ Burdock Root (Arcticum lappa) | Improves digestive function, anti-inflammatory.

Cover with brandy or vodka, fasten the lid, and label. That’s it!

Now, the most important step is to shake the mixture once a day for two weeks, infusing it with your prayer and intention for supporting the body.

After two weeks, strain, compost the spent herbs, and reserve the liquid. This is now your medicinal tincture. Pour into a bottle and store in your cupboard.

Add ½ tsp of this tincture in a little water or tea, and consume daily. Your body will know how to work with these beautiful herbs.

Tincture last up to 5 years.

spring herbal tincture

While undergoing the process of physically letting go of excess waste and creating new space for renewed health, cleansing is also the perfect time for personal reflection.The sap is rising and nature is manifesting birth, movement and rapid growth everywhere.

Where are you creating movement and growth in your own life? Where does your creative edge show most brilliantly in your life? Are you open to new opportunities that present themselves?

Embrace new beginnings with the enthusiasm and the motivation that this season provides, and stay grounded in the power and wisdom that you came to know in winter. Now is the time to spend your energy to nurture the powerful growth potential of this season.

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