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    Ever baffled by stories on “new” health trends that include the kale chips and almond milk you’ve been eating for years? We get it. Most of our readers fall in that advanced, super-foodie category when it comes to wellness – and we love that about you.

    This week, we were happily surprised by two wellness trends that came across our desks that were truly news to us! We think they’ll be news to you, too…

    Fat Water: Would you drink this?

    From the people who brought buttered coffee firmly back into fashion, Bulletproof is now introducing Fat Water, a patented water infused with, you guessed it, pure fat. This is the kind of health trend our mothers and their spandex-clad aerobic instructors could have never anticipated.

    Although the product sounds like it was pulled straight from a Saturday Night Live parody, FATwater is actually a thing – and could actually have staying power. Most of us are familiar with the idea that the right kind of fats are good for us (read about fats and a healthy metabolism here) and Bulletproof has simply designed a water that delivers easily absorbed fats quickly. Their nono-fusion technology binds water and MCT oil (found in coconuts) to provide instant hydration and immediate energy. They claim the MCT energy won’t be stored as fat in the body and “won’t weigh you down.”

    FATwaters comes in unflavored, berry, lemon and orange and are currently stocked at Erewhon markets across L.A. What’s your take on the trend? Would you swap your green tea or energy drink for the energizing benefits of a fat drink?

    Tender. (Not Tinder.): The New food App we Love

    We consider 2015 the year that the dating app Tinder officially came out of the shadows and into the world of wine-and-dining norms. We know couples with actual relationship who’ve met through a swipe (and we’re betting you do, too!).  Not unlike Tinder, a new recipe app coyly named Tender has tech-savvy foodies swiping left to snub dishes that don’t appeal to them, and right on recipes that are then saved to their device. We haven’t heard of a more organic way for those glued to their phones to find their way into the kitchen since Pinterest. Get the new app here and let us know what you find!

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