8 Healthy Habits That Are Cheaper Than Your Morning Latte

Yes, we can achieve optimal health with the help of thirty dollar smoothies and celeb trainers, but the truth is if you’re not already using some of the dirt cheap health tips below, you’re really missing out. Being healthy on a budget isn’t just possible, it’s easy! In our opinion, there will never be a superfood that outweighs the mighty lemon and – if they’re not already growing on an accessible tree – a produce department lemon will put you back a good fifty cents.

We’re dedicating this story to all the college freshman out there! Here are seven of our best tips for living healthy on a budget. Make a habit out of one, two or all of them to truly improve your health…

Shoot Apple Cider Vinegar

Price: $3 | A bottle of fermented apple juice just might be the budget-savvy wellness warrior’s best friend. Be sure to buy apple cider vinegar with “the mother” (you’ll find it on the label and the vinegar will be cloudy) and use this healthful stuff as a morning shot in place of lemon water for an easy to store, cheap to take daily supplement that will alkalize your body, jump start your digestion and help control your weight. LEARN MORE

Go For A Jog

Price: Free | Honestly, who needs the gym? Well, most of us do, whether that means a yoga studio, traditional gym or Crossfit box. It helps to have a formal schedule and professional guidance, but when you’re in between trainers, try hitting the streets for the cheapest workout ever: running. Try this pre-run workout or discover Chi Running and take things to the next level.

Eat More Lentils + Beans

Price: $1.50 Per Pound | In the book How Not To Die, Dr. Michael Greger lists a few crucial staples that lead to a long and healthy life – among those staples are beans and lentils. Beans and lentils are easy to use as a base for so many warming, flavorful recipes and buying in bulk means you’ll always have plenty on hand for a quick, affordable dinner. LEARN MORE

Breathe More Deeply

Price: Free | That’s right, breathing. And we’re definitely not joking. Deep breathing has to be the most under-rated health practice in the world: breathwork stimulates healthy synergy between just about every system in our bodies, including our minds and emotions. Keep it simple to start – learn a few basic practices and try to become more aware of your breathing throughout the day, especially under stress. You’ll start to notice the benefits right away! LEARN MORE 

Soak Up Some Sun

Price: Free | The sun is like a big ol’ pharmacy in the sky.  Just a few minutes under its rays daily can do amazing things for our bodies and minds, from boosting immunity to busting a bad mood. Vitamin D is a prohormone, meaning it has hormone-like effects on the body, helping cells to communicate properly and function effectively. As most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, making a habit of geting outside every day, even just for a little, can have a huge impact on our health. LEARN MORE

Drink Lemon Water Daily

Price: Less Than A Dollar | Simplest health tip ever. Period. We’ve talked about it quite a bit and truly there are few habits more easy, cheap and effective for your health. Cleanse your entire system, raise your pH, and jumpstart your digestion with just two ingredients. LEARN MORE

Eat More Veggies

Price: Less Than A Steak | There is a great deal of discussion over whether eating healthfully has become too expensive. There are valid points to be made in this argument, but truth be told, simply eating more veggies can actually be very affordable! Find a good grocer or farmer’s market you like and start experimenting with what’s in season. When in doubt, almost any veg can be thrown into a salad, stir fry or steamed and served with a simple sauce! LEARN MORE

Get More Sleep

Price: Free | An early bedtime and solid pre-sleep routine is crucial to vital health. Your schedule may be packed, but making quality sleep a priority will pay off with life long benefits. LEARN MORE

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