Mascara; check. lip gloss; check. Crystals? Well, we hadn’t thought of it much before, but now, thanks to our contributors Lauren Gores Ireland (that’s her cute mug above) and crystal pros Energy Muse, we’re learning how to incorporate a few gorgeous stones into our beauty routine. Quick – we need a rose quartz plate immediately! 

Beauty routines can often feel exhausting. We question whether we’re using the right products, at the best time, to create the most beautiful skin. Yet, perhaps feeding more positive energy into our routine will calm our anxieties and infuse even more clarity into our bodies.

I worked alongside Energy Muse for ways to incorporate healing crystals into my everyday beauty regimen. Surprisingly, I learned there were a handful of simple, yet impactful ways to surround my routine with more positivity! Below, you’ll find three methods for crystalizing your beauty routine…

charged Beauty Water:Create and use your own beauty water as a stress-reducing ritual. You can use aquamarine (a tranquility-restoring stone) or rose quartz (for healing, nourishment and comfort). Begin by cleansing your stones with warm, filtered water. Place the gems in a glass bowl and cover them with filtered water. Set the bowl in direct sunlight beginning at sunrise. After sunset, use the water to cleanse your face for the evening, while reaffirming positive thoughts in your mind. You’ll feel replenished and refreshed afterwards! Dive into the details here.

rose quartz Beauty Plate:Place a handful of your daily beauty products on a rose-quartz plate. This stone is the gem of love, beauty and comfort, which means you’ll be energetically charging your products and infusing that energy into your own body. Consider mixing mineral makeup on your plate or simply keep your brushes and other favorites on there.

Crystal Facial Grids: Even your facials can be infused with positivity! Swap your traditional face masks for a crystal facial grid once per week. You simply place healing gems on different parts of your skin to encourage healing, clarity and purification. See the photo for how to best apply various stones, and check here for a more in-depth breakdown. Here’s what various stones can do:

Quartz: clarity and cleaning the skin | Tourmalinated Quartz: breaks up tension + energy blocks | Shungite: detoxification and purification (learn more here!)

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