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Launched by Pressed Juicery in 2012, The Chalkboard brings our wellness-minded readers daily proof that a healthy living can be fun, design-friendly and stylish too. Learning from our community of top doctors, holistic practitioners, nutritionists, fitness pros, clean beauty and mental health experts, we bring you a constant flow of insights we think you’ll find useful and inspiring on your journey toward balanced and glowing health. Meet a few of them: Dr. Mark Hyman | Dr. Josh AxeDr. Sara Gottfried | Nutritionist Kelly Leveque CN | Jennie Miremadi, MS, CNS, LDN

Our goals is to curate a continual flow of useful, practical and elevating life advice as it pertains to natural living, glowing health and mind-body balance. Our favorite topics include:

Nutrition + clean eating | Clean beauty | Alternative health | Non-toxic living at home
Fitness + mind-body health | Non-toxic personal care | Healthy routines | Lifestyle tips from influencers we love

On TCM, design matters and our coverage keeps beautiful design in mind in all that we do. From home visits with stylish women we love to reviews of natural home goods that actually make your home more beautiful, we understand that health and happiness begin at home. Creating an environment that is safe, beautiful and encouraging to the kind of life habits we all hope to cultivate is a crucial aspect of ‘living well’. Good design also means that most of the books, beauty, sustainable fashion and clean beauty products we feature on TCM are gorgeous. We’ve watched the wellness industry grow be leaps and bounds when it comes to great design and we’re happy to play a small role in that.

We believe everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn; on TCM you’ll find insights from true medical professionals, as well as the stories of fellow readers and everyday people who share their journeys toward health and balanced living with us. We hope you find plenty of inspiration as you explore our site and leave feeling refreshed and well-equipped.

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Melissa Norton | Social Media Coordinator
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