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Our workout-evasion skills are legendary. While ‘staying in’ may have become the new ‘going out’, out is where the trainers and the dumbbells and the spin bikes are, so, out we must go.  We’re here to debunk your favorite workout excuse (sorry, not sorry) with this list of our own top excuse and the reasons why they are pretty much total BS…

8 Workout Excuses You Should Probably Get Overno Time. You’re busy, we hear you. But there’s no better reason to schedule in time for your own physical and mental health! A quick sweat should help you do just about everything else in life better. Remember, a workout doesn’t have to be a two hour event each and every time. A great workout can happen in a matter of minutes if you know what to do. This 30-minute HIIT workout is one of our faves for a quick full-body burn.

no Money. Getting fit can be expensive, it’s true. There are gyms and studios that cost hundreds a month, if not hundreds per session. That doesn’t mean you’re disqualified from a good sweat just because you’re on a budget. There are plenty of free ways to get active like going for a hike, a bike ride or a run. There are also dozens of online studios and apps that cost about as much as your monthly Netflix bill (our ultimate fitness nemesis!). Working out at home can save time and money – and the convenience factor may just keep you committed longer. Still hungering for a studio environment? Sign up for ClassPass for access to a ton of different studios at a significantly lower cost per class.

all the Feelings. Can’t work out because you’re in a mood? That’s the best time to work out! Aerobic exercise releases endorphins and helps the body to produce serotonin, the happy hormone. It’s also a great mental release.  All that jazz about people having breakthrough ideas while on their morning run? It’s definitely real. Letting the brain relax and the body take charge can do wonders. Bonus: It’s hard to stay in a spiral of negative feelings when you turn up the volume on your best workout playlist.

your Period. Girl, we’re in 2018. There are tons of options for – and conversations on – managing the uncomfortable side of your cycle, so this excuse just doesn’t fly. Try an organic cotton tampon or slide into a the weirdly period-proof panties from Thinx and get moving. If cramps are the issue, do something gentle. This easy yoga routine helps to alleviate pain from cramps — and it doesn’t cost a thing.

no Space. New York, we see you — and we know there’s just no room to jazzercize in that studio. If you live in a small space or find yourself in a hotel room that’s small as can be, try working out with uber-compact tools like resistance bands, jump ropes, and ankle weights. Old school body weight exercises like squats, leg lifts and crunches also require little room – if necessary, you can even workout from bed.

so Stressed. See above. Gym-inhibiting moods are the actually ultimate signal that you’re in need of a good sweat. If you’re stressed, it’s time to break the cycle and boost your feel-good hormones. Our favorite workouts for managing stress are boxing — this cute studio is one of our faves in LA — hot yoga, or an interval run with a strong playlist.

so Bored. Maybe yoga isn’t for you. Or you’re not a ballerina. There are so many ways to work out and there’s no right way to do it. Great workouts for the easily bored include circuit training, dance cardio classes, spinning, SUP. Have a friend who’s on your energy level? Find out how they workout and try new classes with friends.

so Tired. It’s totally reasonable to back out of a workout because your energy for the day is shot. It’s important to listen to your body and this may be the only excuse we’ll accept from time to time – from ourselves and from our workout buddies. But if it happens too often, inspect your schedule and make a shift. Working out is just too important to skip. If it’s the classic afternoon slump you need to overcome regularly, try this energizing pre-workout smoothie or these genius, non-caffinated snack solutions. Still feeling sleepy? Don’t call it quits! Take a restorative yoga or yoga nidra class instead.

We’re dying to know: what’s your best workout excuse and how to do you break out of it?
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