Weekends are for self-care. We always mean to take it easy and get extra rest, but new must-try menus and Sunday brunch mimosas can easily distract us from living our well-est. Make yourself a priority with this A – Z guide for the ultimate weekend of recovery, rest and wellness for maximum glow!

This self-care guide comes from holistic health coach, Summer Sanders who found her way into the wellness world after realizing that late nights and espresso-powered days muted her sense well being. She rebooted her life and career with self-care in mind, founding a superfood-powered cafe in Sedona, Arizona and is helping others reclaim their glow one step at a time.

We love Summer’s outlook, attitude and accessible plan for the perfect wellness weekend…

I think we’re all in search of that effortless shimmer, the healthy rosy glow that makeup just can’t fake. It’s actually one of the healthiest things to be after… real full-body radiance. I like to cultivate an inner and outer glow, a soul shine, so to speak. A sparkle in the eye that is genuine and truly healthy. I’m sharing my favorite tips and rituals for getting that healthy head-to-toe glow that is rooted in connection to self and healthy routines. Even if if you just add one of these tips to your week, you’ll see a lift in your inner and outer shine. These tips are for a real mind, body and spirit radiance.

wellness Menu FOR THE WEEKENd:
Try a plant-based diet for the weekend. Eating mainly plants will give your body a much-needed break from digesting heavy foods that bring down the glow such as meat, dairy and processed foods. Slow digestion will often show up in your skin. Whenever your digestion is sluggish your body will find a way to rid itself of toxins, and through the skin is a common way you’ll see this detox. What does it look like? Zits, grey patches, dry patches and little rough pimples. Give your body the help it needs to expel toxins, your gut and skin will thank you.

Lemon + Smoothies: Try starting your day with some warm lemon water, a big green smoothie loaded with coconut water, kale, spinach, banana, berries and pineapple.

Salad For Lunch: Indulge in a big healthy salad loaded with chopped veggies, avocado, seeds, nuts and maybe some apple! Blend up lemon juice, olive oil, honey and salt as a simple dressing.

Super Snacks: A handful of cashews or almonds with goji berries or unsweetened dried cranberries.

Drink up: Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water and green juice!

Dinner Bowl: Cook up some quinoa or buckwheat groats, steam up some broccoli and sweet potato top with a huge scoop of protein-rich hemp seeds. For a delicious dressing try: 2 tablespoons tahini, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 small clove garlic, 1 teaspoon Nama Shoyu or favorite natural soy sauce, 1 teaspoon honey. Blend and pour on top of veggies and quinoa.

Almond Butter Ice Cream: dessert can be some frozen berries blended with coconut milk, almond butter, honey and a pinch of salt! A vegan ice-cream that will make this plant-based thing so easy.

FRIDAY: The Deep Sleep Detox
Getting a good, solid uninterrupted night of sleep is so important when it comes to your health, brain-power and skin. My husband has sleep disorders and here’s the advice that actually changed the quality of sleep for both of us.

Rules for Deep Sleep:
-The bedroom is for sleeping and sex only.
-Keep it sacred. No reading, no TV, no work. This helps reprogram your brain for getting into the sleep mode.
-Sleep cold; 65 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.
-No caffeine after 2:00 p.m.
-Don’t exercise within 5 hours of bedtime.
-Dim the lights when the sun goes down.
-Wear blue blockers when working on the computer or cell phone at night.
-Wake up and give the sun some love before anything else! Look at the sky, be barefoot on the ground, connect with nature, even if it’s just for a few minutes

Let go of the coffee and replace that morning routine with a 10-minute meditation. This will have a lasting effect on your health, glow-factor and spirit. Coffee dehydrates your entire system, spikes your cortisol (stress hormone) and can cause a craving for sweet, fat and overly salty foods. It also totally stresses your adrenals. For a healthy and energizing morning routine that will engage your spirit and get you glowing from the inside out, try this simple breath-work meditation.

Breathe Deep | 8-10 minutes:
Breathe in through the nose, then out through the nose with no pause. Visualize a water wheel – the water is pulled up and flows out. The in breath should be a bit forced while the out breath is relaxed and natural. Don’t stop breathing. This is a quick breath one two in and one two out. Visualize light taking over your whole being, radiant energy coming in and filling your entire body. Let this be your energy source…

And if you still need a little caffeine, opt for green tea or Yerba mate. These options are easier on the system.

SUNDAY: Sweat It Out
Using an infrared sauna, dry sauna or a steam room, spend 15-30 minutes letting your body sweat out all the impurities. You’ll see a major improvement in your skin. For an added glow, use a dry brush prior to entering the sauna. This will activate your lymphatic system and remove dead skin cells.

Keep it going! Don’t stop just because the week is starting back up! Enjoy your your latte with co-workers, enjoy your croissant on your lunch break, enjoy your glass of wine after a long Monday… but make sure to use these self-care tips weekly to keep your body, mind and sweet spirit happy and connected.

Remember it comes from within. The most radiant people have a type of glow that you can’t get from a bottle, from a juice fast or from a superfood. It comes from an intense knowing of one’s self, a total acceptance of who you are. It’s people who are not stuck in judgement mode that have that totally sexy soul shine. Let’s light it up!

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