There are a whole host of toxic chemicals living in our homes like the unwanted house guests we never invited — and that just won’t leave.

It may be annoying to have to think about, but our homes harbor some pretty toxic stuff if we’re not mindful about how we shop, cook, sleep and live. (If you want to get really miffed, find your city’s pollution score here).

Listen up as we outline the facts on furniture that off-gasses chemicals, indoor air pollution, and sub-par water quality – then find our favorite (and most stylish) solutions for non-toxic living at home.

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Use a water filtration system. Full home filtration systems are the ideal — reverse osmosis with a remineralization system is currently the gold standard. Whether you’re in an apartment or are in a house but looking for a simple  solution, the classic Berkey water filters are a great way to go. The stainless steel urns add a bit of utilitarian chic to the kitchen and the reliability of a Berkey system is respected across the world. Berkey filters are so effective that they’re beloved by campers, travelers and survivalists for filtering even the wildest waters down into a drinkable glass of water. shop

Shop furniture + Carpeting that doesn’t ‘off-gas’. A couch is cozy only if it’s not also leaching chemicals into the home. That “new” smell – from cars to couches to carpeting – is often a sign of not-so-nice toxic off-gassing. Especially when new, carpets and upholstered furniture can release dangerous VOCs from bromine to formaldehyde into the air for long periods of time.

We were floored when we met the team at Burrow and discovered that their modern new couches (that deconstruct to fit inside the tiniest NYC apartment) were also non-toxic and off-gassing free. Find Burrow here. For rugs untreated with VOCs, look for brands that can promise natural, untreated materials. We’ve been loving Under The Canopy for all-natural – and affordable – area rugs. shop (Win one for yourself on social media today.)

breathe better indoor air. Pollution always seemed like an outdoor issue to us – until we began learning about that detox lifestyle. An air filter may seem like much to do about nothing, until you start learning about PBDE’s and indoor air pollutants. Check out our guide to better indoor air here, then take a peek at this gorgeous, unobtrusive air filter by Dyon shop 

Dress down your bed in organics. Did you know that cotton is considered one of the world’s “dirtiest” crops? Traditionally grown cotton relies on pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Consider switching to organic cotton where it counts most. To us, that’s the bed where we’re swaddled in cotton sheets for a good quarter of every day. We’ve got a few favorite bedding brands, but Under the Canopy makes the most affordable sheet set around – and the colors are great. Check Out Under the Canopy 

Cook a little cleaner. So, your diet is in great shape, but what about your pots and pans? You may have learned that non-stick cookware is a big no-no in the wellness community since it can leach toxins into food, but GreenPan has broken the mold and created a functional, beautiful line of non-stick we actually can’t live without. Consider a set as a holiday gift this year or treat yourself to a  kitchen detox come January. shop

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