We’ve learned a thing or two this month from our guest editor and fitness mogul Lorna Jane. From her favorite health tips to her best beauty secrets in and out of the gym, this Aussie is the definition of a true beauty, inside and out. Her gushing confidence and positive outlook on life are just a couple of reasons our girl has risen to the top. However, Lorna would be the first to remind us that real beauty comes from the inside out – when we stop comparing our lives, our bodies and beauty to anyone but ourselves, that’s when we can shine as the best and unique versions of ourselves. We’re wrapping up the month with this Aussie mogul as she lays out her 10 body positive commandments to live by…

Thou Shalt Be Content & Grateful

Be content with yourself and realize that true beauty exudes from the inside out. As cliché as the saying is, people who are confident and comfortable in their own skin shine brighter and radiate beauty. Try not to be attached to only seeing as far as your shell when the yolk inside is what you were made to shine with.

Thou Shalt Not Compare

As the saying goes: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Stop wasting your days comparing yourself to others when you can be busy trying to be the best version of yourself. Remember that you are you, you are a magnificent creation and are blessed to have air in your lungs.

Thou Shalt Be Surrounded by Positive People

Surround yourself with positive, genuine, uplifting and happy people who bring out the best in you! This is truly the best way to welcome in some more self-love, as it gives you the opportunity to truly be yourself! If you are ever feeling low, it’s important to remember to pick up the phone and make some plans with your friends or fam. Chances are you will feel like a million dollars after spending a fun-filled day with people who love, accept and cherish you for who you.

Thou Shalt See The Beauty In Life

Appreciate what you have. Seriously! Sometimes we tend to take life’s simple pleasures for granted. Whether it is your friends, family, job, home, health or lifestyle… whatever it may be, always try to stop, smell the roses and give a little gratitude for all your good fortunes. Remember you are capable of great and wonderful things and are blessed to be living this beautiful life.

Thou Shalt Filter Negative Stimuli

Detox yourself from media and the silent pressures put on yourself to be a certain way. Remember to be real and avoid using the measuring stick that society holds to value you, because it’s one that will never truly satisfy you, unless you see the good in it.

Thou Shalt Detox Thoughts

Do not allow your mind to dwell on doubt or criticism. What’s the point? They are insignificant in the grand scheme of things and bring no positivity to your present. Be mindful when negative thoughts poke their way into your head and do your best to squash them quick smart!

Thou Shalt See Imperfections as Perfections

See your imperfections as perfections and go out of your way to treat and celebrate yourself – do something that lets your body know that it is appreciated. Even get up each morning and look at yourself in the mirror and clothe yourself in loving compliments before you dress for the world. It may sound strange, but it works!

Thou Shalt Embody Confidence

A great way to embody confidence is by feeling comfortable in your own skin. When you are getting dressed each morning, pick out something you feel amazing in, which allows you to walk out the door with a pep in your step! You know when an outfit doesn’t feel right, so always go with what you feel the most comfortable in… no matter what anyone around you says.

Thou Shalt Not Judge or Criticize

Keep a top-ten list of things you like about yourself. I know it may sound silly, but this is a great exercise to practice a little self loving. Make the list about things that are not related to how much you weigh or what you look like. Then, when you are feeling down, go back and re-affirm yourself in those things. You are worth so much more. You don’t deserve to be feeling down and insecure!

Thou Shalt Live in the Present

Look at yourself as one whole precious being. Don’t pick different body parts apart for weakness or “imperfections” that you see. Remember that some people would be very happy and content with what you have. If you are in the pursuit for the best body yet, remember that being 60 pounds or 20 pounds lighter will not bring automatic self-love or satisfaction. It all begins by eliminating those toxic thoughts and introducing some positive thinking: gratitude and self-love!

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