Don’t get us wrong, we love a classic cappuccino as much as the next girl. But, lately, our beverage of choice has gotten much more complex. We can hardly remember the last time our morning bev wasn’t spiked with a wellness-boosting bonus ingredient — or ten.

Catch our own superfood latte recipe from earlier this week, then drool over this list of super-powered lattes, from the new Pressed Juicery reishi cappuccino to the colorful concoctions being brewing up in Brooklyn. Superfood lattes are popping up across the map and we can’t get enough…

The Good Sort's Algae Latte

We locked eyes with the blue beauty pictured above (made with ginger, lemon, coconut milk and blue algae) from NYC’s vegan tea and espresso bar, The Good Sort, and instantly fell in love – with the health benefits as well as the Instagram-ability.

Pressed Juicery Heat

We can’t get enough of the new lattes from Pressed Juicery, featuring their own delicious almond milk and ingredients like reishi, maca and matcha. Sip on a steamy tonic spiked with adaptogenic magic if you’re lucky enough to live near one of the first Pressed Juicery locations to offer Heat! FIND HERE 

Cafe Gratitude's Golden Latte

Cafe Gratitude’s turmeric latte is known around town for its gorgeous color and delicious flavor. It also has a few major health benefits to boot, including immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory magic. MAKE HERE

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Lattes

These two nourishing lattes incorporate superfood blends from Four Sigmatic, each one geared toward the specific needs of male and female bodies. MAKE HERE

Alfred's $10 Latte

Not quite comfortable with piling powders into your coffee yet? This Pressed Juicery almond milk loaded latte from L.A. fave, Alfred’s, will still deliver a solid dose of essential minerals. FIND HERE

Chai by Huckleberry Cafe

There’s nothing as comforting as a perfect cup of spiced chi first thing in the morning. We love this homemade version from the breakfast master behind Huckleberry Cafe in L.A., Zoe Nathan. MAKE HERE

CAP Beauty's Latte Supplies

This trio of latte recipes from CAP Beauty covers all our beverage bases: moringa and matcha to kickstart the AM, he shou wu and mucuna puriens for a midday mood boost, and ashwaganda and tea to turn things down before bed. MAKE HERE

The $300 Superfood Latte

When it comes to beauty investments, we’re happy to splurge on nutrition – even if it means reigning in our shoe budget for a month. This latte packs in all the superfood faves known for getting us to glow like no other. MAKE HERE

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