In an ideal world, we’d all get enough vital nutrition from the foods we eat each day. But the truth is, that due to a wide variety of modern influences – from the depleted soil quality of most farms to the ubiquity of processed foods – there are very few of us who can achieve ideal, full spectrum nutrition from just food alone.

We talk to many of the top players in the wellness industry on an ongoing basis and have found that from doctors to herbalists, yogis to nutritionists, even the most superfood-infused pros are supplementing their diet with a cocktail of high-quality herbs and nutriceuticals.

The key to proper supplementation comes down to customization, which is one reason new brand Care/of caught our attention. If you’ve ever stood in the supplement aisle at Erewhon or fumbled your way through an online wellness shop convinced that you should clear the shelves into your cart, you’re not alone. Wellness can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to self-prescribing supplements.

What turns us on about Care/of is that they’re providing a solution for the overwhelmed, but interested. Through a simple, straightforward survey, Care/of analyzes individual needs and pairs customers with a customized supplement pack ready for daily consumption (and that comes through easy monthly subscription). It’s sort of like having a supplement concierge – you share your needs and preferences and they match you with the perfect resources based on their knowledge and access.

Our Care/of packs are customized for an active, busy lifestyle and include plenty of stress-busting herbs, b vitamins to help us hustle and the essential fish oil dose. Here are a few of the other single ingredient supplements available and how they fit various lifestyles…


Digestive Enzymes – If you’re new to a healthy diet, healthy digestion and gut recovery are key. Digestive enzymes are naturally found in our systems and are necessary for the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Care/of’s blend contains several different enzymes that help break down food and convert it to energy.


Calcium PlusCalcium is essential for important bodily functions like maintaining strong bones and muscle movement, all of which comes in handy when there’s a new person growing in your belly.


Turmeric  – Fitness fanatics know the importance of squelching inflammation before it starts, especially when it comes to healthy joint functionality. Turmeric and the active curcuminoids from the plant have been studied extensively for their positive impact on joint health, as well as properties which may have a positive effect on mood and stress response.


Evening Primrose – Evening primrose oil is loaded with important fatty acids, which help maintain healthy skin that glows – making it the perfect supplement for a beauty fiend.


Rhodiola – This adaptogenic herb has been used for centuries as a solution for stress section, mental energy, clarity and focus — a potent combination of benefits, especially useful for a frazzle-prone workaholic.

TAKE THE QUIZ Find out which supplements are a fit for your lifestyle and try them for one month!

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12032113_1652117605028637_143166720161039194_nThis post is brought to you by Care/of, offering personalized vitamins and supplements to help you live healthier.

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