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Body confidence reminder: A summer body is your body. In summer. Period.

Having the best summer of your life has less to do with the perfect bikini or dimple-less skin, and everything to do with the right state of mind — an easy vibe to embody with a few key life hacks.

We’ve got a great lineup of summer activities planned for the next few months, including more pool parties than we can count. Here’s how to live well poolside all summer long…

Get Your Scrub On | Sticking to a weekly exfoliation ritual will keep your skin looking smooth, silky and evenly-toned. We love Osea’s mineral-rich sea salt body scrub which polishes and hydrates — the perfect one-two punch. CHECK OUT

Fake The PErfect Tan | Self-tanner can be very hit or miss. The key to getting a gorgeous glow is to do it gradually. Vita Liberata Invisi Mousse is a dream product for giving your skin the right amount of sun-kissed color. The clear “tanning water” foams into a thick, hydrating mousse that sinks right into skin when applied and dries quickly so it won’t stain clothes or sheets. CHECK OUT

Float It Out | Our best advice for the ultimate summer pool day? Do the most. Funboy float toys add a punch of extra-ness we absolutely love — and are always fun. Their collection includes the rainbow cloud daybed above, a golden swan and even a ‘private jet’ floatie. CHECK OUT
Pick The Perfect Suit | One piece or two? It’s up to you. Our perfect suit is a combination of both. It’s flirty but flattering, sexy but still not too exposed. Pair with a button-up midi skirt all day long. CHECK OUT
PopsiclesHydrate. Hydrate Again | It’s easier than you realize to get dehydrated during a summer pool day, and especially during a day by the pool. Help yourself hydrate by loading up on water-filled foods like cucumbers, adding fruit to your water bottle to make it extra enticing, and our fave tip; enjoy hydrating homemade popsicles infused with skin-loving superfoods for extra beauty points. READ MORE

Get A Good SPF | Finding a natural sunscreen you actually like to wear will ensure that you won’t be left with a peeling face or dark spots at the end of summer. Get in the habit of applying your SPF regularly with our favorite non-greasy, fast-absorbing, deeply hydrating Italian sunscreen, Vive Sana Serum Crema. CHECK OUT

THE PERFECT PAIR OF SHORTS | You don’t want them to be too short, too long or too frayed. The ultimate pair of summer shorts are high waisted, vintage and well-structured like these babies from Re/Done. CHECK OUT

Make Your Skincare Multitask | During the summer we like to switch over to a lighter beauty routine that amps up our skin’s hydration and gets us out of the house fast. The best way to streamline a skincare routine is to find potent products that fill multiple roles, like this SPF-powered day cream. The lightweight cream finishes matte, without a white cast, and contains herbal extractsto boost your natural glow. CHECK OUT

Beauty Counter Countersun Tinted Sunscreen | Tinted sunscreen is a genius way to protect your skin while creating an airbrushed effect. This natural formula from Beautycounter is loaded with nourishing plant-based ingredients. CHECK OUT

Goopglow Body Luminizer | A little extra shimmer never hurt anyone. We love how subtle but sexy this luminizer cream from GOOP looks. Brush some over natural focal points like the collar bone for a flattering effect, or slater it on head-to-toe to glow like the summer goddess you are.  CHECK OUT

don’t forget your lips | The skin on your lips is delicate and can easily burn without the right protection. This ultra-hydrating hyaluronic-loaded SPF lip balm delivers a healing dose of active botanicals like konjac root (which creates a gel-like barrier between lips and the environment) and wild mint (which soothes and energizes). CHECK OUT

Suncare supplements | Double down on your sun protection with a daily supplement that’s made for summer skin. Astathaxin can help skin build resilience to sun exposure and reduce the chance of burning when you take it every day. LEARN MORE

 Keep Cocktails Simple | Whether you’re lounging by the pool with your ride-or-die, or hosting a gathering for a handful of friends, the right summer cocktail can set the tone. We love these three-ingredient cocktails that are easy to prep and delicious to drink down.

Load Up On Light bites | The key to the perfect pool day is to have a strong supply of healthy snacks. Nothing beats a whole watermelon — except maybe smoothie popsicles.

You need a facial mist | Keep one in an ice bucket or in the freezer for an instant hydrating refresh. Or make your own with distilled water and just a touch or rose water and witch hazel. CHECK OUT

Cover It Up | There are tons of pretty options, from rompers to caftans to giant shirt dresses. This season we’re all about this Vitamin A Selma Kaftan. CHECK OUT

panema Free Sandals | We’re obsessed with these stylish and conveniently water-proof sandals for summer. Protect your pedicure and arrive without having to lace up a thing.  CHECK OUT

Prioritize Post-Sun Recovery | With the right protection, a healthy dose of vitamin D is good for the skin — and for the soul — but it can also leave our skin looking dry, flaky and dull. Put effort into post-sun recovery at night: try a moisture mask or this match sunburn mask. Just be sure to avoid anything harsh, resurfacing or with strong acids.Post-sun Hair Mask | Time spent in the sun, salt water and chlorine can be extremely stripping for hair. Help replenish moisture, shine and softness with a weekly hair mask. Leave it on for 20 minutes while you fold your laundry or map out your next summer adventure — make it a consistent habit for the most noticeable results. CHECK OUT

Sunburn Backup Plan |
 If you’ve accidentally spent too much time in the sun, this clever matcha sunburn mask is a simple DIY that basically erases the redness, and soothes the pain in a flash.

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