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Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she’s devoted to an exfoliating routine like this one. The key to prepping skin ready for a season of beach days and other half-naked summer activities is a rejuvenating self-care routine that’s fast and effective. We found our perfect exfoliating ritual in the form of a deliciously simple combination of products and proven techniques.

Our summer skin hero product is the new Happening Scrub from the new line of beauty essentials from our friends at green beauty heaven, The Detox Market. The Happening Scrub is Detox Mode’s gel exfoliant that turns to milk — quick to use and scented like summer. Follow up with this flawlessly formulated body oil and you’ve got a quick routine that’ll make a huge impact on the look and feel of your skin. Check out our simple and sustainable guide to sexy summer skin — and enter to win your own Happening Scrub over on our Instagram today!

Full-body exfoliation is key to having smooth, healthy skin, especially during the summer. It can be easy to over-exfoliate, which is why it’s so important to get a scrub that’s gentle and also infused with nourishing ingredients that replenish nutrients to the freshly stimulated skin. Add a layer of oil and get ready to glow…

Step 1 | Dry Brush

Yes, dry brushing helps buff away dead skin, but it also aides in overall detoxification, reduction of fluid retention, improved circulation, improved skin tone, reduction of cellulite, improved skin tone, increased immunity, and improved lymph flow.

HOW TO: All it takes is five minutes of action before you hop into the shower to reap the benefits — and set up the skin to receive all the goodness of whatever products you lather on. There’s no wrong way to dry brush; the key is to start from the bottom and always brush upwards towards the heart. Learn how to dry brush here.

Step 2 | Daily Scrub

You’ve dusted off the surface and primed your pores — now it’s time to really get your exfoliation on to encourage circulation and cell turnover. The Happening Scrub from Detox Mode is a grape seed-based wonder gel that emulsifies into a creamy, moisturizing milk — and smells absolutely amazing thanks to invigorating plant oils like grapefruit, ylang ylang and ginger. The rich, oil base helps nourish new skin while gently removing the old to reveal a gorgeous natural glow.

detox mode happening scrub

HOW TO: Apply generously onto damp skin and exfoliate by massaging in circular motions (in the same pattern as with the dry brushing) with an emphasis on hands, elbows, feet, and knees. Combined with water, the exfoliating gel will transform into a creamy milk that will gently cleanse, soften, and renew the skin. Get The Happening Scrub

Step 3 | Oil Massage

After exfoliation, the most important step towards seriously glowing skin is deep hydration. Using a body oil like our latest fave from Detox Mode, Altogether Oil, is easy to apply and absorbs more deeply than lotion.

HOW TO: After showering, spritz this plant-based hydration potion all over your skin. Pat it in for maximum absorption, or take it a step further by incorporating the ancient art of Abhyanga which enhances the detoxifying benefits of dry brushing while helping the oil penetrate deeply into the skin. After applying the oil all over your body, rub whatever is left on your hands on the tips of your hair to infuse it with hydration, tame split ends, and give it a perfectly polished texture. Get The Altogether Oil

What are your summer skincare rituals? Do they change from the colder months?

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