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Selenite is a crystal best known for its soothing effect on the nervous system — a phenomenon that sounds pretty woo until you pick one up and hold it close. Feeling the gentle surge of energy when holding selenite may be one of the quickest ways to convert a crystal skeptic.  We use selenite rods in our meditation practice, as calming – and decorative elements – around the house, and lately as a replacement for our Himalayan salt lamps. Discover why we’re obsessing over these beautiful — and functional — selenite lamps (grab one here) with this wisdom from the crystal healing pros at Energy Muse

For many of us, the physical beauty of crystals is what draws us to them in the first place. In fact, it was the captivating beauty of an amethyst crystal that first intrigued me. Their aesthetic allure is often an introduction to their deeper energy, but there are also many people who choose to decorate homes and other spaces with crystals purely to highlight their appearance.

Regardless of your beliefs, crystals make a stunning addition to any room. And when you combine the decorative aspect with a functional purpose and profound energy, you’ve won the crystal jackpot. If you’re looking to take your crystal decor to the next level, while also creating a positive environment, look no further than a selenite lamp.

How Selenite Lamps Can Uplift Your Space

Selenite is an extremely high vibrational crystal that acts as an energy purifier. It cleanses away energetic debris and clears the slate for more positive energy to flow in. When formed into a lamp, selenite’s healing properties are amplified.

Because selenite brings light into any space, the lamp enhances its light energy. Turning on a selenite lamp raises the vibration of whatever environment it is in and envelops the room in pure, white light. It is one of the most effective, and most beautiful, ways to purify energy and create a more positive environment.

Tips For Using A Selenite Lamp At Home

From your living area to bedrooms and sacred spaces, the possibilities of where to place a selenite lamp are endless. Below are some of my favorite places to add a lamp, but they can really go anywhere you can imagine.

For kid’s rooms | Swap out your traditional night-light for a selenite lamp in your child’s room to brighten the space with warm, comforting energy. Even when the light isn’t on, the selenite emits high vibrational energy to prevent nightmares or negative energy from disrupting your child’s rest.

In your bedroom | Selenite is one of my go-to crystals for the bedroom regardless of the shape, but a selenite lamp is a step-up from any other formations of the crystal. The soft and gentle energy of a selenite lamp brings light and warmth to the room when the light is on, and raises the vibration of your bedroom even when it’s light is off. Selenite in the bedroom helps clear your energy from the day so you can fall asleep — and stay — asleep.

In the living room | Not only is a selenite lamp a beautiful addition to your living room, but it also supports a positive environment for you to live. Place the selenite lamp somewhere central to constantly purify the energy of the space and to envelop the room with its uplifting energy.

find your sacred space | Whether you have a full room or a small corner dedicated to your sacred space, a selenite lamp adds both a functional light and an extremely high vibrational energy. When you are meditating, journaling or incorporating other spiritual practices, the selenite lamp fills your spirit with light and the highest vibrations to achieve clarity, awareness and an elevated state.

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