Relationship Hack: If you want to know how much your friends, family and co-workers love you, try munching on raw garlic every day for immunity. Or bring herbal infusions to happy hour. Or attempt Whole 30…apparently.

While balance is usually the goal, we all know what it’s like to lose our way a few miles deep into a health trend. We hit up Instagram last month and asked you to tell us about the health trends that annoyed your friends most. The responses were too hilarious not to share…

Every. Single. One.

Substituting cauliflower for everything!

My husband blamed our divorce on my becoming a vegan and more spiritual….

Two cloves of garlic a day! The garlic cleanse.

Attempting to quit caffeine. Was told I’m never allowed to try again. ️

Whole30 for some reason makes my friends irate.

I definitely get made fun of when I bring nettle tea to parties.

Collecting bones like a mad woman for bone broth from roasted chicken before and sometimes after serving.
Doing the Whole30 now. My husband has been trying to sabotage me from the beginning…
Especially with wine with dinner … Staying strong

Bulletproof coffee annoyed my boyfriend, and all my detox juices and 80/10/10 annoyed my ex-boss because she was paleo and HATED fruit.
I offered fruitarian meals on purpose to everyone at the office…

My raw vegan phase. You know your family and friends really love you when they eat your raw cheesecake that didn’t turn out so well!
I also did 80/10/10 and don’t want to remember the amount of bloating that went into that phase.

Smudging everyone’s home. …Now they love it though.

Adding adaptogens to whatever I can AND not partaking in the Godiva chocolate tower at work.

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