Self-taught ceramicist, Erin M. Karr of EMK Ceramics pulls inspiration from nature’s beautiful imperfections to create the earthy pieces you’ll find all around LA, from Soho House to our favorite coffee pop-ups. Based in Venice, California, where vibes run high, Erin uses clay as a means of meditation – a deeply in-touch approach that sets her Wabi Sabi-inspired work apart.

Take a peek inside this local maker’s mindful creative process, from leather dream catchers to the wellnessy spots she’s haunting in the neighborhood…

My aesthetic in 3 words:

Earthy, cozy, personal.

To get the creative juices flowing…

I’m lucky to have an incredible set-up with my studio being an outdoor space in my backyard, surrounded by a garden that I built. The moment I step outside, I am instantly inspired.

Daily necessity:

Morning tea meditation sit. It’s so important for me to start the day with quieting the mind before all the moving parts that happen everyday.

My favorite current project is:

Korakia Hotel in Palm Springs + Soho House Malibu.

Favorite object in the studio:

My best friend Tini makes these beautiful three-dimensional leather dreamcatchers and I was lucky enough to be gifted one as a ‘housewarming’ for my studio. This specific piece is very special to me because it’s layered with crystals and items she has found during her travels. I also have a garden at the foot of my studio that I get to stare at all day.

Latest inspirations:

People and landscapes are my daily inspiration. I’m so grateful to have an incredible and inspiring community surrounding me that feeds my creative side. I also have deep connections to the mountains. They profoundly affect my energy in a way that no other environment does. They carry immense power and groundedness.

Soundtrack in the studio:

Rhye is always a go-to.

Most common visitors to the studio:

Friends! Since my studio is in my backyard, my friends always know where to find me. I’m super grateful to be surrounded by such an amazing community of people who want to stop by and see what I am working on.

Favorite spots in the neighborhood:

Gjusta, Botanica, Necco, H.O.W.L., Four Sigmatic’s Shroom Room.

Other artists inspiring me right now:

En Iwamura, Daniel Arsham, Makoto Kagoshima, Julian Watts, Christiane Spangsberg and Movana Chen.

When I’m not in the studio I am here:

Ceramics is pretty tough on my body, so when I am not working I make sure to do self-care by going to acupuncture, yoga or the Korean spa.

My art supply obsession:

The Griffin Grip. It’s a trimming tool that saves me so much time. I truly don’t know what I would do without it.

Favorite galleries / museums in the city:

Hauser Wirth & Schimmel, The Annenberg, MOCA, The Broad.

Organizational item I can’t live without:

Shelves. They literally hold hundreds of pieces I am working on at any given time.

Current mantra:

One step at a time + imperfection is beauty.

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