Kelly LeVeque celebrity nutritionist tips

Celeb nutritionist Kelly LeVeque knows how to deliver practical nutrition advice that’s science-backed and easy to apply, which is why her client list reads like casting for Hollywood’s best new projects.

As one of our regular contributors for years and after the success of her debut book, Body Love, we decided to share our favorite learnings from the wellness pro over the years…

Our 12 Favorite Nutrition Tips From Kelly LeVeque

The Fab 4 Formula. Kelly’ secret to nutritional balance without overthinking is her Fab 4 Formula, which focuses on having a balance of macronutrients at each meal to keep our bodies nourished, our cravings satisfied, and to balance blood sugar and prevent it from spiking. Learn about the philosophy here, then explore examples of healthy meals Kelly actually eats.

The Airport Smoothie. We’ll never fly again without these genius nutrition tips from Kelly LeVeque, because staying healthy while traveling isn’t so hard if you plan it right. Our favorite tip is to bring a single-serving packet of protein powder in our carry-on. Mix it in with an airport latte for an instant boost of nutrition. This pre-flight wellness kit will help keep your immunity up and your mood balanced. Discover even more of Kelly’s tips for staying healthy while traveling here.

Party Smarter. Nothing is harder than keeping nutrition balanced during celebratory seasons, which is why we love these mindful pre-party tips and these healthy party food ideas. Dive in even deeper with our Holiday season helper: The Smart Girl’s Guide: 10 Genius Ideas for a Healthier Holiday. 

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Celebrity Wedding Prep Tips. We love this simple plan for feeling great – and looking even better – on the morning of your wedding day, which Kelly has used on countless celebrity clientele.

Supplement Thoughtfully. We can always trust Kelly LeVeque for her hardcore wellness knowledge and thoughtful sense of balance, so when she recommends a product we listen. Explore her daily supplement situation to inspire and perfect your own here.

It’s All About Bioavailability. One of the most important and least discussed nutrition topics these days is bioavailability. Find out what you should know in addition to how you should adjust your shopping and cooking habits with this breakdown from Kelly.

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Food Affects Our Hormones. We are what we eat. Therefore, if what you are is inexplicably moody, fatigued or blemish-y, a hormonal imbalance may be to blame. Rather than freaking out, find out which common foods you should nix from your diet here. Learn all about how to manage hunger hormones here.

Healthy Fats Are Essential. In a way, it feels counter-intuitive to load up on fats, but they can do amazing things for our health. Kelly taught us about consuming more healthy fats for stronger, glowier skin (learn about it here) and even introduced us to a cocktail recipe using “superfats” like MCT oil and algae oil (get the recipe).

Better Sleep matters. The secret to looking and feeling our absolute best is all comes down to the quality of our sleep. Learn to hack your circadian rhythm with sleep hygiene tips from Kelly here.

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How To Make The Perfect Smoothie. Functional superfood smoothies are a staple in Kelly’s program, which employs Kelly’s Fab 4 formula. These recipes have a perfect balance of clean protein, healthy fat, natural fiber and greens to keep our bellies full and blood sugar up. Kelly’s smoothies load up on functional ingredients and include very little fruit but taste like magic nonetheless. Check out our favorites:

Turmeric Lemon Smoothie

Sweet + Savory Basil Avocado Smoothie

Carrot Cake Smoothie

Dark Chocolate Crunch Smoothie

Coconut Creme Pie Smoothie

Fresh Mint + MCT Detox Smoothie

Turmeric, Curcumin + Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Collagen Banana Nut Bread SMoothie

Gingersnap Anti-Oxidant  Smoothie

‘THE HAPPY SMOOTHIE’ With Macuna Pruriens + Cylon Cinnamon


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