Birds + Bees: 5 Surprising Ways To Boost Fertility Naturally

Birds plus Bees equals baby? Not always. For many women, getting pregnant feels more like waiting for a lottery win.

Since overcoming a personal battle with PCOS, women’s wellness expert, Nicole Granato, has helped many reproductively-challenged clients heal and deal — with cute and cooing results. We’re sharing this pro’s top five surprisingly simple tips for getting mind and body ready for baby…

The day might come when you’re ready to get pregnant. You and your honey know you are ready to bring a little babe into the world. However, you are told that you are unable to conceive children. Instead of freaking out after you hear these words, take a deep breath and listen. There is a way to reignite your bodies natural ability to have kids.

Below you will find my top tips when getting on your path back into the fertile world.

5 Natural Ways To Boost Fertility

DO THE EMOTIONAL WORK. Words are very powerful — be very careful to not take diagnoses at 100% fact, because our beliefs create our reality. Sometimes when we hear not-so-great news, the effect of those words can send chemical signals to the body telling it that it “cannot get pregnant”. We see this all the time when two different doctors say two different things to the same patient, and this is what happened to me. Many people have been able to “reverse or make worse” a diagnosis just from the power of a thought or a story. Do your mind work; find something or someone that keeps your head in the game of positive expectation. The only voice that matters is yours and we want to make sure it stays on your side.

PREPARE. When you want to have a babe, you’re going to want to prepare. Put that word into your mind, “prepare”. Think of it this way: if you were going on a trip to Hawaii, you would want to pack your swim suit, your flip flops, and your sunscreen. You wouldn’t just show up at the plane without your suitcase. This is the same when having a child, but on a whole other level, because you need to prepare your body for the new growth that will be developing inside of you. You are going to want to create the most amazing, beautiful, and happy environment for that little thing to grow in. Another thing is, BOTH the man and the woman have to prepare their bodies, not just the women.

CLEAN IT OUT. Clean out your home, your makeup your fridge. Clear out all and everything that may have toxic chemicals in it. You may not see these chemicals and toxins with the naked eye, but as many of you know, what’s hidden in plain sight ain’t so pretty. Heavy metals such as lead and mercury are common culprits of infertility, and should be taken seriously.  Stick with things that come from nature. Also, tell yourself and your man to stay away from plastics; the estrogens can reduce sperm count and are detrimental to the human body as a whole. Switch all your plastic to glass right away.

EAT ALKALINE. The body needs the right amount of vitamins and minerals in order to function properly.  Low folic acid, zinc, magnesium and selenium have been found to play a part in undermining fertility.  Eat foods that are rich in these vitamins. Look up why they are related to certain functions in the body. For example, low magnesium affects how the blood clumps together, which through a chain of reactions can lead to conception complications. Avoid alcohol, sugar, and fried foods. Period. Your baby will thank you later. Replace any junk with whole foods and plenty of fresh clean water.  Make it fun and exciting to learn about the body, nutrition, and how to really nourish your body with the food it needs.

GENERATE FLOW. Everything in our bodies is in a constant state of movement and flow. We want establish a lifestyle routine that puts our bodies and us at peace with life. Try doing more yoga, get regular massages (pancha karma – the ayurvedic modality – is a great option), meditate, dance, swim, get facials, breathe slowly. Clam your nervous down and open up to really listening to what’s going on inside your body. You might just slow down enough that you will become of aware of exactly what’s going on and how to solve your infertility. So pay attention and go with the upward flow.

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