WE’RE SWOONING OVER Nolita’s De Maria — a high-design yet totally approachable NYC cafe whose healthy menu reads like our personal food diary here in L.A.

Since opening their doors earlier this year, the city’s fashion set can always be found in this minimal-but-artful space, cuddled up with lavender avocado toast and rainbow grain bowls. We asked Camille Becerra, De Maria’s food boss, to tell us a bit about what’s inspiring her now — and what we should be ordering for the perfect experience. Ogle the insta-worthy dining room and read her notes to us here…

De Maria in 3 words:

Healthful, inviting, bustling

Your philosophy behind the food: 

De Maria serves nourishing, aesthetically pleasing food made with seasonal produce and inspired by the diversity of NYC. I like to use traditional flavors and ingredients but transform them in a contemporary way to make creative, clean food.

Breakfast is all about…

Nourishing oneself for the day ahead.

Food should be...

Look beautiful, taste delicious, and make you feel great after you’ve eaten it.

Favorite dish on the menu:

I’m loving the chicories and seaweed salad with avocado and hazelnut. The spirulina, greens, and seaweed together make for a crunchy concentration of superfoods. After I eat it, I always feel like every cell in my body is fulfilled and happy.

Fave dish to cook at home:

I cook whatever I’m craving at the moment. The finished dish usually consists of rice, beans, a yogurt sauce and fresh vegetables.

Current favorite cookbook:

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