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We know Hope Gillerman of H. Gillerman Organics has all the deets on essential oils. We’re addicted to our essential oil diffusers, running them at home morning and night – and even at the office with this cute little diffuser. We’re buying up different oils by the handful lately, but wanted to get the full story from Hope on what to diffuse and why. Here’s Hope with what to diffuse for every circumstance…

When I meet a self-proclaimed essential oil-o-phobe and they claim “lavender gives me a headache” or “I am allergic,” I express my condolences. It’s more likely that their reaction is from the toxic or synthetic chemicals in the fragrance, candle or reed diffuser rather than pure essential oils. Switching to an essential oil diffuser stoked with pure, organic oils delivers so much more than a smoke-and-toxin-free scent. Immediately convert your space into a healing, emotion/mood shifting, immune boosting environment: the moment you open a bottle of essential oil, the smell genie is released. If you don’t have a diffuser, there are many ways to spread the scent in your home, like a few drops of a clear, colored oil (like lavender, hyssop, or eucalyptus) on an organic pillow, sheet or towels. Oops – you spilled some lemon or peppermint in your bathroom? Perfect!

Scenting your world with essential oils doesn’t have to be an exact science – no complex blend needed here – just one or two varieties at a time. Citrus oils are ideal; avoid strong smelling oils (which can overwhelm) or thick, sticky oils (which can clog diffusers), and don’t use oils in your car where they can pick up the off-gas from the “new car” parfum (just wear the oil in the car instead!).


Hyssop, lavender, ravensare, bay laurel, eucalyptus, lemon cleans the air


Jasmine, sandalwood, ylang ylang, vanilla, (dilute one of these with a spice oil or a citrus oil). For spicy: allspice, anise


Lime, grapefruit, eucalyptus radiata, basil, rosemary


Mandarin orange, sweet orange, lavender, neroli, rose (blend with another oil to save money)


Rosemary, juniper, spruce, pine, tea tree, fir


Geranium, lavender, petitgrain, frankincense, anise, coriander, rosewood, bergamot, valerian, neroli, rose (blend with another oil to save money)


Frankincense, palmarosa, geranium, cedarwood, roman chamomile, clary sage, tangerine or blood orange, bergamot

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