Walking into the Free People office is like seeing a Pinterest board come to life. Think high ceilings and exposed brick walls, floods of light and splashes of color, knick-knacks and inspirational quotes adorning each desk…and of course, droves and droves of the hautest hippie-chic fashions. We’ve been crushing hard on their blog, Bldg 25, since its inception – and their Scenes From The Office series always has us brainstorming ways we can give our own digs a makeover.  

Working for one of the hottest fashion and lifestyle brands out there is no small job – which means these girls keep staying healthy a top priority.  We recently sent Free People’s PR Specialist and frequent Bldg 25 contributor, Naomi Huober, a 3-day Pressed Juicery cleanse to see how she handled all those greens. We love seeing how each individual handles their cleanse – and picking up a few tips for next time! Take a peek at Naomi’s highs (treat yo’self!), lows (sushi envy!), and be sure to give her secret cleansing tip a try…

Name:  Naomi Huober, PR Specialist + Blog Contributor at Free People

Cleanse you’re on: Cleanse 2

How many days: 3 Days

I like to cleanse under these conditions: Pretty much anytime that I feel like I’ve overindulged. But I must say, this is only my second 3-day cleanse; usually my cleanses only consist of smoothies and raw, clean eating.

Favorite juice: Let’s be honest, the Vanilla Almond is probably the most indulgent and satisfying thing you’ve ever tasted. The whole cleanse was worthwhile just for the fact that I was able to enjoy that drink every night.

Why I cleanse: To keep my eating patterns in check and to feel good.

Hardest part: The first day. I got pretty light-headed and ravenous. Watching my friends eat cake, chocolates and sushi right in front of me probably didn’t help. I pushed on through though!

Fave part of the experience: The excuse to treat myself. Since I wasn’t indulging in food, I found other ways to make myself feel good. I went to yoga, put on face masks, and sat in a steam room. It made the whole cleanse into an experience that was about recharging and being nice to my body.

At lunch, I’d normally be: Eating leftovers at my computer while answering emails.

On my cleanse I spend my time: Focusing on myself.

Fave foods to break the cleanse with: Honestly, I broke this cleanse with sunny-side-up eggs and multi-grain toast. Not exactly how I would have chosen, but I had a brunch meeting, so eggs and toast it was! If I could have done it differently, I would have gone with a delicious kale, frozen berry, sunflower seed butter and almond milk smoothie. I like to load mine with aloe water and chia seeds for added nutrients and digestive support. Sometimes I add homemade elderberry syrup to boost the immune system.

Secret cleansing tip: Give yourself a mantra. Every time you find your brain going crazy for food (really this just happened to me on the first day), then repeat it to yourself. My mantra was, “let go…”

Beyond green juice, this season I’m also loving: Exercise! And ginger tea.

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