After all those holiday treats, our bodies are craving anything and everything healthy. From detoxifying workout routines and super-charged supplements to hot lemon water in the morning and enough sleep at night, we’re determined to wipe our toxin-filled slate clean. And it’s not just our insides that crave some rehab: our parched winter skin is screaming for help too. The cold, dry weather coupled with the effects of sugary holiday sweets have got us loading up on beautifying foods any way we can, skipping the premade stuff and opting to whip up fresh juice and green smoothies left and right.

We knew culinary cutie Claire Thomas of Kitchy Kitchen would have the perfect solution for our post-holiday, nutrient-hungry bods. Pair her with her uber-creative cousin (it must run in the family), professional makeup artist and hair stylist Erica Davidson of Pretty Pleased, and you’ve got yourself your very own personal glam squad. Whip up Claire and Erica’s beautifying smoothie for a quick winter fix, then go bask in your own glow…

Now that the holidays are over and we’re well into winter, now is the perfect time to start those New Year’s resolutions and get well from the inside out. A beauty smoothie is perfect for getting those much-needed nutrients in your body that will also benefit your skin and help bring back that summer glow.

Avocado is a superfood for many reasons – it’s loaded with vitamins C and E, and is an antioxidant. It’s a good fat and is so yummy in just about anything, but makes this smoothie rich and creamy. Ginger not only adds a spicy kick but also has a multitude of goodness going on. In addition to being a traditional digestion aid, it also helps with acne, anti-aging, and skin toning. Almonds are packed with vitamin E and using almond milk in your smoothie adds B2, which helps with hydration. Spinach is another superfood and adds a punch of nutrients, including potassium, iron and calcium. Add a few slices of cucumber for freshness and another vitamin rich boost of C, K and A. Sweeten your drink by adding honey (a natural skin saver), agave or stevia.

Kitchy Kitchen’s Go-To Beauty Smoothie


Almond milk (or your choice of milk)
Honey, stevia or agave

Note: all ingredients are to taste


Combine all ingredients together to your liking and blend! You can blend the ingredients in different ratios to your heart’s content.

Adjust sweetness to taste.

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