Aerial shot of multiple pieces of mini avocado and hard-boiled eggs, all cut in half

Sure, munching on mini fruits and veggies probably isn’t the most efficient way to load up on nutrients, but honestly, does that even matter? We’re dreaming of bite-sized brassicas roasted to perfection, watermelon wannabes we could literally take everywhere, and egg-sized avocado nuggets we simply need. on. every. plate.

Take a deep breath, peek through, calm down again and then tell us which mini fruits and veggies are your fave (and how you’d use them) in the comments!

Aerial shot of a marble surface with a plate of salad, a small bowl of spices and glass of oil

Kalettes | These adorable little kale plants are almost like Brussels sprouts but better. Why? Just take a look!

Close-up of multiple pieces of mouse melon, which are mini fruits, one of which is cut open with exposed seeds

Cucamelon/Mouse Melon | These crazy little cucumber-hybrids are striped like a watermelon and the size of a cherry tomato. Pure summer salad obsession.

Two halves of kiwi next to two halves of miniature kiwi berries

Kiwi Berries | These miniature versions of our fave tropical fruit are just the accessory every summer smoothie bowl needs.

Aerial shot of multiple pieces of mini avocado and hard-boiled eggs, all cut in half

Mini Avocados | Brain exploding. How are these tiny egg-sized avocados not already in our kitchen??

A stack of 3 mini bananas on a marble style background

Mini Bananas | The cutest way to add “half a banana” to a smoothie ever.

Split photo with a close-up on the left and a medium shot on the right of an ice cream cone with a mini strawberry on top

Mini Strawberries | We’d gladly eat a million of these minis whether they’re on nice cream, overnight oats or by the spoon full.

One mini pineapple on a wooden table and bright yellow background

Mini Pineapple | This tiny fruit is just too precious, and perfect in a fruit salad… for one.

One regular size Romanesco salad next to a mini size salad on a dark blue background
Mini Romanesco | What is happening here? We’re not sure. But we’re still fawning over these tiny veggies.

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