What The Ultimate Day of Wellness Looks Like

Let’s get something straight: you’re okay. We like you! We’re not here to fix you with our tonics and herbs and yoga and books, we’re here to support you as you continue to be amazing in 2017. If you focus on anything as you settle into this new year let it be self-acceptance.

January 17 has become known as the doomsday date where resolution go to die. Apparently, research shows that most of us give up on our good intentions seventeen days in and we understand why. Forming good new habits is a lasting process, not a fad or short-term campaign.

This year, we’re going to double down on showing you what “living well” everyday really looks like, both to us and to the wellness community around us. On Instagram stories today (January 17) and throughout the full seven day week, we’re sharing a glimpse into the daily wellness habits of a few wellness peeps we really like. We’re taking you on a tour of some of their healthy #everydamnday kinds of behaviors and we invite you to follow along.

On day one, we’re starting with us. Follow us through the day to see how we keep it real at The Chalkboard HQ – and plan on keeping to it long past the seventeenth. Enjoy all the crazy Storying this week and dive into some solid inspiration for daily wellness below with our list of great ideas that’ll take you from day to night. Live well all year long!

Breathe + Center | Take a beat, no phone. Breathe deep, be good to yourself, set an intention or two. Okay, now check your phone.

Ground | Get your feet on the earth for health and balance, here’s why. If you’ve really got the time, hit the beach and do this!

Detox | Whether you’re the salt water type, the lemon water type or, like Cameron Diaz, just need to pound two bottles of water before leaving the house, hydrate and detox that body to start the day on the right foot.

Breakie | Get nourished in a beautiful way. Some of our most recent nutrient-dense favorites include overnight oats, avocado toast, smoothie bowls and chia pudding.

Commute well | Dead-time or down-time? We pick the latter. Upgrade your vehicular journey from point A to point Z with inspiring podcasts like these and these to feed and nourish your brain and soul on the go!

you better Work | We know that no two work days look alike. However yours pans out, it’s easy to integrate wellness tools that could actually increase productivity. We love using essential oils to balance emotions and get creative juices flowing, or trying a deskside workout for a midday energy boost (that doesn’t come in a mug).

Break it down| Treating yourself kindly isn’t just an after-hours affair, so be sure to break regularly during the workday. Stand up, make yourself a nourishing smoothie, maybe even get a quick anti-desk stretch in. Meditation apps like these also offer a change to re-charge in many minutes as you have available. Most pros on the topic of healthy office living recommend breaks of some kind at 15-20 minute intervals.

Unwind + sweat |Work is done and we’ve got things to do, but don’t de-prioritize taking time to be good to yourself, even if it’s this five-minute breathing practice to shed stress. Find a fun fitness routine to fall in love, turn a friend date active, or give infrared saunas a try. Need inspiration? We’ve got you covered. 

night, night |How we wrap up the day is as important as how we rocked it. Whip up something healthy for dinner and get cozy with one of these reads from our wellness library. Continue to ease into the evening with a soothing soak and beautifying pre-bed routine. Read up on how – and why – to get a better night sleep with expert tips here and here.

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