spring cleaning for your sign

For some signs, spring cleaning is almost as fearsome as the messiest of merc retrogrades. For others, it’s simply a seasonal title for the obsessive color-coordinating that happens regardless of the time of year (we see you, Virgos). Either way, the shift from winter life to warmer weather invites an opportunity to check in with ourselves and our most personal spaces– and the stars have something different in mind for each of us…

Aries | Product Purge. Action-oriented and always on the move, Aries might not be the tidiest sign, but when it comes to spring cleaning they don’t mess around. Dedicate a day to product purging, challenging yourself to toss anything that’s toxic or simply not serving your bigger wellness goals. LEARN MORE

Taurus | Bedding Revamp.  Comfort obsessed but always practical, Taurus’ love to hang at home and to fill their space with the best of the best. Swap out those current sheets for a new organic, non-toxic set for a down-to-earth and naturally luxe upgrade that requires almost no actual effort. LEARN MORE

Gemini | Clothing SwapGemini loves to change their look, which can lead to a cluttered closet. Use that ultra-social nature to inspire productivity by hosting a closet detox clothing swap with a few fave friends. LEARN MORE

Cancer | Create a Makeup Capsule. With emotions that run miles deep, it’s no wonder Cancer has a hard time letting go. Start your spring cleaning mission by reviewing the products you use every day, whittling down your collection to the things you love and nothing more. LEARN MORE

Leo | Adopt a Plant Baby. Nurturing and family-oriented, Leo loves to love. Refreshing the feel of your space (and state-of-mind) can be as simple as adopting a new air-purifying plant to tend to. LEARN MORE

Virgo | Marie Kondo Your World.  Virgo has the reputation of being the most methodical sign, so spring cleaning means finding ways to fine-tune tidiness. Skip the basics and go straight to tips from the master of organization herself, Marie Kondo. Dive deep into her books or newly launched online course. LEARN MORE

Libra | Get Some Good Smells. Libra loves beauty and balance. Embolden the good vibes with good smells from mood-balancing essential oils to stunning non-toxic candles. LEARN MORE

Scorpio | Juice Cleanse. Intense, dedicated and notoriously all about the bod, Scorpio should make spring cleaning personal by trying out a juice cleanse. LEARN MORE

Sagittarius | Clear Your Mind. For this philosophical and adventurous sign, organization doesn’t come easily. Instead of focusing on your physical space, work to clear your mind with a new yoga practice or daily meditation challenge. LEARN MORE

Capricorn | Give Everything a (Pretty) Place. Capricorns are naturally super organized, but also have a tendency to be super serious. Make room for fun in your fierce spring cleaning mission by setting a mindful intention and infusing a little creativity into that sometimes overly-practical process. LEARN MORE

Aquarius | Clear The Air. This air sign values purity and clarity in all aspects of their life. Clean up the air quality at home with a gorgeous portable filter and plenty of purifying plants. LEARN MORE 

Pisces | Energy Cleanse. A famously sensitive and spiritual sign, Pisces pick up on (and are deeply affected by) bad vibes. Use crystals, sage and fung shui principles to detox negativity and energetically purify your space. LEARN MORE

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