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Eating protein daily is essential for balanced nutrition, but when eating plant-based, clean diets, some of us struggle. (Learn more about protein deficiency here.) We’ve explored many a kitchen over the years in our series, In My Fridge, and so many healthy friends and figures have shared what they rely on for protein daily. Whether you’re vegan, paleo or beyond labels, let the list below inspire your grocery shopping, keep you balanced, and inspire creativity with your weekly meals…

What’s Your Go-To Protein?

DAVID ASPREY, founder of BulletproofGrass-fed Bulletproof Collagen, grass-fed lamb and beef, wild-caught fish and pastured eggs. You don’t need a lot of protein, but quality matters.

ELLA MILLS, Deliciously Ella |  Nut butters, nutty granola and hemp at breakfast time, then beans/lentils/chickpeas, sautéed tamari tofu, toasted pumpkin seeds and big dollops of hummus at lunch and dinner.

BARRETT PENDERGAST, founder of Valleybrink Road | Halibut, organic chicken, quinoa and organic dark-meat ground turkey.

PHOEBE LAPINE, author of The Wellness Project | Eggs, lentils, free-range chicken, grass-fed beef and shellfish.

PAMELA SALZMAN, clean cooking instructor | Wild salmon, free-range eggs, cooked legumes, quinoa.

SOPHIE JAFFE, founder of Philosophie |  Eggs, tempeh, Philosophie superfood protein powders and salmon.

ALLISON WU, food blogger | Roasted pasture-raised chicken, fresh seafood, nuts and seeds, collagen peptides and garbanzo beans.

CANDACE NELSON, chef + restaurateur |  Tonnino tuna and Mary’s organic chicken.

LAUREL GALLUCCI, Sweet Laurel Bakery | Organic eggs, wild-caught fish, organic chicken, turkey and beef.

SUMMER SANDERS, raw foodie + cookbook author | Hemp seeds and almond butter.

DR. MARK HYMAN, functional medicine doctor | Wild fatty fish, pasture-raised eggs, grass-fed meats.

LAURA WRIGHT, The First Mess | Canadian-farmed chickpeas and French lentils from GRAIN, hemp seeds, almond and other nut/seed butters, tempeh and plant-based protein powder in my smoothies when I’m in a pinch.

Think you’re not getting enough protein? Keep an eye out for these symptoms.

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