aztec secret clay mask

Do you currently have a tub of this clay somewhere in your beauty and wellness stash? The likelihood is very high. While we tend to gravitate more towards pretty packaging and chic brand identities, sometimes the simple, old-fashioned stuff gives us a secret thrill.

Aztec Secret is an OG product that we’ll never quit. Apparently, neither will the thousands of positive reviewers on Amazon. The most popular uses of the stuff include body masking, detox baths, face masking, acne treatment, and a slew of health remedies – including drinking the stuff – that we can’t officially recommend, just to be editorially responsible, but definitely recommend you read through to fascinate the wellness nerd inside. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay | The packaging might feel old school, but this bentonite clay is a reliable remedy for deep detox and purification — learn about the benefits here. With over  17k reviews, you cant go wrong.  CHECK OUT


Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar | The secret sauce for making a perfect clay mask with Aztec Secret is mixing in a bit of classic ACV. While it works wonderfully with water alone, apple cider vinegar gives the mask a toning, purifying boost.  CHECK OUT

pro Face Mask Brush | Aztec Secret needs to be mixed up by hand, and this brush is just the right size and thickness to do the job. Simple swirl the clay with wither or apple cider vinegar, and use this brush to paint your face with your clay mixture for smooth, even coverage and minimal mess. CHECK OUT

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