A clear shot glass on a dark wooden surface with a black background
  • A clear shot glass on a dark wooden surface with a black background
  • Bottle of Sunwarrior Liquid Light on a white background

You may have thought that liquid greens were about as far as you’d go. But we challenge you to go a step further and try a sip of liquid light!

Health enthusiasts – including half our office staff – are abuzz over shots of Sunwarrior’s deep, dark and detoxifying Liquid Light, claimed to “brighten your day.” This darkly colored liquid supplement is rich in fulvic acid minerals mined from ancient petrified plant deposits. These liquid plant fossils help the body chelate out toxins while promoting the absorption of nutrients.

Before ever trying Liquid Light, I was no novice to the idea of utilizing minerals for overall health, but the idea of drinking fulvic acid, which contains minerals such as antimony, bismuth, neodymium and tungsten, sounded more like a chemistry experience than a practice in health. So I set out to investigate: What could these ancient minerals do to improve my well-being?

Fulvic acid is a natural compound found in soil that occurs when microbes (bacteria) breakdown organic matter such as leaves and roots. What is left is a unique compound that has the ability to attract and hold both negative and positive ions. This is of interest because it is this very property that allows it to act as a such a powerful transporter for vitamins and minerals, and a chelator of toxins. In addition, fulvic acid contains essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium as well as the harder-to-get trace minerals such as iron, zinc and selenium, making this the perfect agent for promoting health in almost every way… and believe me, it truly does.

From my own personal experience with Liquid Light (downing it in an A.M. Greens 1.5 from Pressed Juicery to be exact), it helped improve energy and workout performance, without any detoxification side effects. Big relief, because no one enjoys the typical headache and fatigue from detoxing.

One thing I’m making note of is how this simple addition to my daily routine improved those things us women love to obsess over: hair and nail growth. Call it the placebo effect, its world-renown detoxifying powers or just my overall improvement in mineral status, but my hair and nails took a major turn for the better. And honestly, beyond energy and performance, long, thick hair and strong nails are enough to confirm that Liquid Light truly did “brighten my day!”

What do you say? When it comes to throwing back shots of fossilized plant liquids, would you or wouldn’t you? We want to hear from you!

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