Empower Point: Beauty Is Everywhere

SOMETIMES WE FORGET how powerful we truly are. Get fresh perspective with our mini-series, Empower Point. We’re talking body image, self-empowerment, and new ways of seeing things. Most of all, we’re talking about generating a sense of self love. We’re asking the questions, promoting discussion, and tapping in to what makes us the most empowered from the inside out…

Beauty is everywhere. There is beauty in the trees, in their colors,  in the way the palm trees gently rock side to side even with the harshest of winds. There is beauty in the unmade bed, the sheets all twisted and lopsided and the pillows scattered across the floor. See that delicate little white feather? It’s from the comforter you kicked away in the night from the late-summer heat during REM dreams of a pirate ships on Jupiter steered by former flames you used to wish would come back. See how the ceiling fan tousles that feather around on the floor? If only we could feel so delicate…

There is beauty in the “jerk” who cut you off in rush-hour traffic, beauty in that moment as you are presented with a choice: add to the anger of this world or fight it by laughing at the absurdity. Egg them on or let it go. We get to choose to act accordingly and add to what the world needs, not to the already pinched nerve.

There is beauty in the sweat that leaks onto the yoga mat and gym floor and running trail, and in the realization that we are all just creatures trying to survive in this world and doing the best we can…whatever that means for each of us.

A beauty so deep lies in silence that I cannot write words to do it justice. The energetic swirl in the air, the tiny windstorm of magic, the heartbeat you can hear, the small breaths that fill the space. Listen to that quiet electricity. Can you feel it?

Touch is beauty and touch is love gifted. A hug from a friend, a high five from a stranger, a hand on your shoulder when you cry, a kiss you can’t control, a foot that skims yours under the table and doesn’t dart away.  Each hand you shake, you’re really just handing someone an invisible note with the words scribbled on it, “I care.”

And when we feel hit the hardest, or don’t hear what we want to, or are let down or disappointed or hopeful even when everyone tells us not to be, we must remind ourselves that we are creatures of beauty and love; to deny ourselves of living that existence is the biggest sin we could ever commit. Finding beauty in the dark fear of things, in pain, in love, in indifference, or all three, is how we were designed to walk this earth. And really, the only way to generate love from the inside out.

Beauty isn’t a body type or age, and beauty comes with or without makeup. Beauty is existence, beauty is observation. Beauty has dark eye circles sometimes; isn’t it amazing how our bodies alert us when something we cannot see inside is off-balance?

I urge you to try it, today, right now: Try viewing everything with a more loving eye. Notice the colors and textures. Notice the miracle that we are all able to generate these entirely independent emotions and feelings, yet somehow we all understand. Even when there’s hurt – especially when there’s hurt – or stagnation, or that feeling that comes when it seems there is no way we belong in the here-and-now, we can find beauty in the fact that there is this whole world around us that has colors and birds and trees and clouds that graze the sky like kites or fingerprints on foggy glass. And then, somewhere along the line, you realize you are a part of it too.

We’re not just beautiful. We are beauty.

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