There’s a lot we can learn about wellness from athletes; taking care of their bodies is their job after all. We’re tapping into that wisdom with a new series on the site ‘Working Out With…’ where we discover what the most inspirational fitness leaders, influencers and professionals are doing daily to stay strong and feel well, inside and out.

Rachel DeMita is a 27 year old former basketball player, model, Vlogger, sports host and proponent of living au naturale – even going so far as to skip supplements to stick to the power of good planty food instead. She uses her impressive social following to promote good vibes, showing that passion and hard work is only the start, and a healthy lifestyle is what takes you to the next level (and lets you keep climbing). Discover what brings her energy up after a killer workout and the brave daily mantra we’re stealing right away…

Name: Rachel DeMita

Go To Workout: Running, gymnastics or basketball.

Fitness trend I love: I never follow any fitness trends.

Fitness trend I wish would end: CrossFit!

Fitness uniform: Running shorts, sports bra, cut-off T-shirt and some Adidas Ultraboost!

3 things always in my gym bag: My Swell water bottle, hand sanitizer and a banana.

Favorite gyms/studios: LA School of Gymnastics.

Post-workout fuel: Banana and peanut butter.

Favorite trainers/sneakers: Adidas Ultraboost X.

Supplements I love for fitness goals: I don’t regularly take supplements! I simply make sure that I am eating a well balanced, whole, plant-food-only diet.

Where I find fitspiration: Professional athletes of any sports – I love seeing talented and hard-working women excel in their field!

Best fitness tip ever: Anything you want to accomplish in sports or fitness takes hard work… there is no way around it.

Current mantra: I never make excuses.

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