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Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz want to bring meditation to fore of your attention, even while you’re at work. The title of their new book says it all: JUST SIT: A Meditation Guide Book for People Who Know They Should But Don’t

Whether you’ve been meaning to meditate, but are still not sure how, or have got a gong and a world-class incense collection at home, but need to know how to pull it off at the office, Sukey and Elizabeth’s simple tips below are for you. You probably shouldn’t start sageing the reception area at your office any time soon, but taking a few moments to breathe at your desk each day might just bring you to a new level of creative nirvana — or at least keep you from killing your assistant…

Meditate On Your Commute

If meditating at the office is truly not an option or you’re just not ready to sit on the job, then we suggest meditating during your commute.

For Riders: Even if you can’t get a seat, you can still meditate. Close your eyes (sunglasses make it less awkward) and do some conscious breath work.

For Drivers: Do not meditate while operating a motor vehicle, but when you get to the office and park, turn off the car and set your timer for 5 minutes. Close your eyes and breathe.

For Walkers: Do a walking meditation on your route. Focus on your breath and your feet as they touch the pavement. When the laundry lists start pestering you for attention, get back to the breath and save the to-dos for the office.

Sneak In Meditation During The Day

Here are a few sneaky places to meditate during the work day:

The Bathroom: It may not be your first choice, but whatever it takes!

your desk: Put a pair of headphones on and fake it in front of your computer.

a Stairwell: Stairwells have been empty in offices everywhere ever since the smokers got kicked to the curb. Take advantage!

Create A Meditation Program

Your company might already have a meditation program like many large companies today do. Look into it and, if so, join in and “just sit” with your co-workers.

If your company doesn’t have a program, talk to someone and get one going. Show them the stats of increased productivity and decreased sick leave that can occur at companies where meditation is included in the wellness program.

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