Ultimate L.A. girl Whitney Port is dishing with us on festival feels, workout routines and smoothie recipes...

Whitney Port knows a thing or two about living well. This fashion designer and style icon might have a million titles under her belt, but being busy doesn’t keep her from being balanced. By knowing when to hit the gym and when to hit the pinot, or when to stay in and when to step out, Whitney has mastered the concept of moderation without ever compromising her (obsession-worthy) style.

As our April Guest Editor, Whitney is dishing with us on living well while in L.A. (where the staying in/going out ratio is crucial) and handling the frenzy of festival season without losing her cool.

After years of appearing on screens of all sizes, Whitney now crushes it as the creative head of her own namesake fashion line. Each collection’s custom prints and modern pieces are nods to the laid back femininity and savvy chic that Whitney has become so well-loved for.

To kick off our month with Whitney, we’re spenidng the morning inside her sweet California abode talking smoothies, cycling and everything else that keeps her grounded, happy and in good spirits. Join us all month long, as we chat festival season survival, Instagram feels, and the best places to eat in LA!

Food philosophy in one sentence:

Everything in moderation.

Dream breakfast:

Multigrain pancakes from Big Sur Bakery.

Daily breakfast:

Just a coffee, juice (right now my fave is orange turmeric from Pressed) and a banana.

How do you take your coffee?

Black with cream and vanilla powder from Coffee Bean.

Go-to juice or smoothie:

Orange, turmeric, Fuji apple and lemon from Pressed or Watermelon Mint when it’s in season. I also love matcha.

Kitchen tool obsession:

My Vitamix.

3 pantry staples:

Trail mix, non-GMO white cheddar popcorn and goldfish crackers.

Fave thing to cook for friends:

Chicken milanese.

Wine or cocktails?

Pinot Noir to be exact.

Fave daily workout:

SoulCycle or Pilates Platinum.

Strange wellness habit:

Washing my face with freezing cold water in the A.M. – wakes me up and brightens my skin!

Fave candle:

My "crunchiest" habit or item of clothing:

Wearing my UGGs everywhere I can!

Always wearing lately:

My mom’s boyfriend jeans – yes, they are literally my mom’s jeans. MOM JEANS!

At least once a week I cook...

Flank steak with arugula salad.

If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be...

Listen to your body! Sometimes sleeping is more important and better for your body than making it to that 6 A.M. workout class.

Room I hang out in most:

Our family room on the couch.

Would you share a healthy recipe you love to make at home?

Berry smoothie (with no specific measurements!): In a blender, combine plain yogurt, cashew milk, pitted dates, sliced banana, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

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