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The more we know about our bodies, the better we’re able to take care of them. According to one theory, categorizing our physical composition as one of three metabolic types that can give us unique insight into our mental and emotional makeup too.

We recently encountered this school of thought during a weekend away at Rancho Valencia’s holistic wellness spa. There, spa treatments are customized based on individual metabolic types, which, according to wellness director Kristi Dickinson, allows them to better target imbalances and optimize healing.

The concept of metabolic types — also known as somatotypes — was originally created by psychologist William H. Sheldon and has been further developed by other pros since. Sheldon identified three types –ectomorph, endomorph, or mesomorph — based on data supporting the idea that the body type we’re born with is an indicator of our innate temperament and moral character.

We know better than to generalize when it comes to wellness, as every body’s needs are different. But just like horoscopes or personality tests, we think it’s interesting and fun to use this information as a kind of filter. Knowing your metabolic constitution can be helpful for tailoring a fitness endeavor or simply living more comfortably in your body. Some spas, It can even be used in spas, such as The Spa at Rancho Valencia, use these kinds of body type categories

Discover your somatotype with this quickie quiz and share your results below!

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