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Can’t get on board with your bestie’s cycling obsession? The cosmos could be to blame.

Our workout routines do more than just get us sweaty. Fitness offers an unparalleled outlet for stress, socializing, and entertainment – but only if it’s the right fit. This guide from Free People’s Allie White guarantees that your next sweat sesh will be exactly what you need. Whether you’re an Aries that would rather atrophy than roll out a yoga mat, or a Cancer that’s managing some major feels, find the ultimate workout routine for your sign below…

Workout roulette has never been more popular. With new boutiques popping up seemingly overnight, chain gyms regularly adding classes to their schedules and an embarrassment of riches when it comes to online and app options, you could probably go years without ever repeating a workout. But if you’re anything like me, constantly swiping through classes and workout routines can get a little overwhelming. Variety is great and gives your body the opportunity to experience new things, but sometimes you just want a way to sweat that you know you (and your body) will love.

To help decode what the stars really think our bodies need, we talked to Ruby Warrington, founder of The Numinous, author of Material Girl, Mystical World, and astrology/tarot/zodiac wizardess. After all, from Aries to Pisces, every astrological sign has its likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, information that can help determine your ideal workout. Below, you’ll find her suggestions on how, why and when to move for your body based on the wonders of astrology…

Interval Training.  Ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war, it’s no surprise that Aries needs something quick, exciting and a bit competitive for a workout routine. According to Warrington, tabata is the perfect way for an Aries to sweat: the fast-paced interval training caters to your short attention span and the timed exercises make things exciting and even let you compete a bit with yourself when it comes to reps.

TAURUS | Weight Training. You’re calm, cool and collected—more patient than any other sign. It’s exactly this patience that makes weight training the perfect workout routine for you, Taurus, since weights requires a slow, steady and controlled approach to build strength like your namesake bull. And to feed the part of your sign that likes to feel stable and grounded, try taking your workout outside. Burpees, planks and push-ups in nature use your own body weight and help you connect to the earth.

GEMINI | Tennis. The social butterfly of the cosmos, it’s super-important that Geminis choose a workout routine that offers variety and a social aspect or your inner twins will get bored with the monotony and disengage. Since you love to talk, Warrington says tennis is an ideal way to get your sweat on: It’ll kick up your heart rate, keep you on your toes and is basically like a conversation with a racket and ball.

CANCER | BoxingAs the homebodies of the astrological world, Cancers are more likely to curl up with a good book on the couch than do bicep curls on a weight bench. But, crab friend, this love of home and hearth also means you’re protective of the ones you love and would do anything to defend what you care about. With that in mind, try a boxing class or at-home boxing workout. You may be surprised how good it feels not only to punch the crap out of a bag, but also to gain the skills you need for self-defense.

LEO | Dance. Ah, Leo, always the center of attention and life of the party—and for good reason! Everything you do is a masterclass in performing and enjoying yourself, so it’s no surprise that Warrington says to get your butt to a dance class. It’ll feel more like a performance than a workout, and your infectious energy will trickle down to everyone else, basically guaranteeing a party in the studio.

VIRGO | YogaVirgo, virgo, virgo, lover of order, focus and meticulousness (who also needs to chill out sometimes). You’re also a solver, so finding a workout that takes your mind off of fixing things is crucial. Luckily, yoga seems like it was practically invented for virgos: the emphasis on form fulfills the part of you that craves precision and alignment, while the breath work and savasana give you an excuse to chill. 

LIBRA | Barre. Known for their love of beauty and aesthetic, Libras are less likely to opt for a workout that leaves them sweaty, red-faced and gasping for air. But finding something effective and pretty? That’s a Libra’s sweat sweet spot. According to Warrington, a barre workout routine lets you focus on balance and grace with their ballet-style movements while also toning and lengthening your muscles. What’s prettier than that?

SCORPIO | Pilates. Intense and laser-focused, Scorpios thrive when they feel like they’re in control. You’re also always up for a challenge and find satisfaction from pushing yourself beyond what you thought was possible. So realizing that you can contort yourself around a Pilates reformer is the ultimate workout, fiery Scorpio. You won’t rest until you’ve perfected the poses and the whole thing will leave you feeling strong and empowered, raring to get back on the reformer ASAP.

SAGITTARIUS | Cross Fit. Adventurous, energetic, naturally athletic and a bit competitive, Sagittarians aren’t content with treadmill runs. On the contrary, Warrington says that to really get a great workout, you archers need something more adrenalin-pumping, like skiing or surfing. Activities like these offer killer full-body workouts, check off your risk-taking box and can even fulfill your love of travel. When you can’t jet off to a mountain or ocean, try something like CrossFit, adventure racing or trail running to satiate those adventurous needs.

CAPRICORN | Running. Ruled by no-nonsense Saturn (the god of time and order), Capricorns are disciplined, dependable and committed, so workouts that harness your patience and endurance are ideal. You want to feel like you’ve accomplished something post-workout, which is why Warrington says long-distance running is ideal for you goats. These miles-long runs showcase your stamina and let you commit to pushing yourself. 

AQUARIUS | Team Sports. Put an Aquarius in a group environment and they seem to spring to life. Even though you may seem shy and quiet at first, you thrive when it comes to teamwork and group activities. So for your perfect workout routine, Warrington suggests something that let’s the team spirit you have in spades really shine, like a lively game of softball that’ll have you working together and cheering on teammates.

PISCES | Swim. As the wateriest of water signs, dear Pisces, you may literally feel like a fish out of water when exercising on land. So it’s no surprise that your perfect workout routine is swimming. Not only will it give you an excuse to get your fins wet, but as the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, solo laps offer a chance to focus, calm down and tune out the world around you.

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