We stumbled upon Hope Bramald’s beautiful and thought-provoking work recently and knew we needed to bring it to the site. Lightcodes are Hope, also known as Ha’vanah Star, unique take on healing crystals grids. Powerful emblems designed to attract and “anchor” specific energy frequencies, lightcodes are healing crystal grids and then some. Embedded with specifically selected crystals and the addition of sacred geometric shapes, we find these Lightcodes both beautiful and intriguing.

Meet Ha’vanah and learn more about the philosophy and intention behind her unique designs…

Q: Tell us what Star Lightcodes are?

A: A lightcode is a code of light, a physical structure that acts as an anchor or grounding point for light frequencies (energy) to be channelled through into our physical realm. As light is not tangible, a lightcode is creating as a tangible connection to the intangible.

Through my own keepership and healing process I work with the celestial serendipity realms and family of light to find one’s highest destiny path, pinpoints of opportunity and highest presence. These all hold a unique frequency of light.

This light is then given to me as a code to be anchored into our realm, giving the opportunity to share the energy and be accessible to all.

Q: Can you tell us more about what it means to “anchor light”?

A: Light is the source of all creation, it is the perfection of our very existence.

Through journeying into this physical realm (being born), we can feel a disconnection from this light, a feeling of separation. And as we journey throughout lifetimes here, limiting beliefs and patterns are placed on us, causing a further distraction to our perfection. To anchor light is to bring this energy through into our physical realm to be shared. By bringing the intangible into our physical realm, it brings a connection to our very creation, a remembrance and healing on a deep soul level, as well as to the collective and planet. We all deserve a journey of joy, love and upmost beauty, a remembrance of our very own perfection. This is what I desire for every being and why my work has been created and shared.

Q: Can you tell us a little more about the sacred geometry patterns you use?

A: The sacred geometries that come through for me are given to me via my family of light and angelics that I work with. These geometric patterns are a frequency of light in their own right, with certain shapes holding certain different frequencies and all patterns of creation stem from them.

Q: Are all works custom? If not, what are the pieces you design meant to do for their owners and their homes?

A: I create both custom and predesigned pieces. The custom pieces can be for a person’s highest presence, or to set an intention/ call in a certain frequency for a space (I have created many for healers in their healing room) that keeps an open channel for their own light frequencies to stream through when working with clients and allowing the clients to be open to that which is being received.

I also create a range of predesigned lightcodes when called to do so that hold a certain frequency. For example, the Union Lightcode mandala to assist in balancing the feminine/masculine aspects of self and assisting with divine loving union, or the Divine Mother Lightcode that connects one to the divine mother (divine feminine) frequencies. These bring the desired energies of light into one’s environment and space.

Q: Can you tell us more about what divine blueprint means from your perspective?

A: Yes, the divine blueprint of a soul is much like our fingerprints; it is a unique map of the soul’s experience holding all that it has agreed to in soul contracts, desires for experience, all that it has agreed to in purpose of its mission through existence. It holds every timeline past, present, future and parallel. Some of these experiences, however, require restoring to its original creation, for we have all had lifetimes and experiences that have caused trauma, pain and loss, which prevents one from living out their highest destiny. The original divine blueprint is the mission and purpose of our soul’s existence, the highest of our destiny to be reached before returning to our divine (Mother, Father, source, god).

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