Bag of Purely Elizabeth granola next to a box of Made Good chocolate chip granola bars

Many serious modern health conditions share one thing in common: chronic inflammation.

Recently, we began LED light therapy with holistic light therapist Heather Parkin. Heather instantly proved herself an invaluable resource for inflammation-fighting resources, like this trust-worthy list of anti-inflammatory snacks, pantry staples and quick bites all free of inflammation inducing ingredients — and that actually taste good.

Gluten, corn, soy, dairy, and nuts are the five main inflammatory foods that so many of us learn to avoid when working with nutritionists and integrative doctors who treat these conditions. Heather has had great success with clients, including her own daughter, by eliminating these foods from their diets.

When possible during healing, stick to a whole foods diet, but when convenient snacks and shortcuts are necessary, this list of fifteen anti-inflammatory staples will help you do so safely and easily. Pair with grass fed beef, wild caught fish, and tons of organic veggies.

15 Inflammation-Free Snacks

Box of Qrunch Organic Breakfast Toastables as an anti-inflammatory snack

Qrunch Burgers & Breakfast Toastables | I’ve made stuffed peppers, stuffing, egg dishes and more with these. CHECK OUT

Red box of Pow Pasta on a white background

Pow Pasta | The red- and green-lentil pastas are free of it all (and high in protein!). CHECK OUT

Bag of Purely Elizabeth granola

Purely Elizabeth Granola | Not all are nut free, but we use the original, blueberry or the chocolate probiotic one. CHECK OUT

Box of Mary’s Gone Crackers Super Seed Chia and Hemp crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers Super Seed Chia and Hemp Crackers | These particular kind are free of all five inflammatory ingredients. CHECK OUT

Box of Made Good Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Made Chocolate Chip Granola Bars | These inflammation ingredient-free bars make the best snack midmorning with a cup of tea or later in the day for a quick (and safe) pick me up. CHECK OUT

Box of Explore Cuisine Organic Black Bean Spaghetti as anti-inflammatory food

Explore Black Bean Pasta | The other ones that this company makes have soy or corn. But this black bean option is great and free of all five inflammatory ingredients. CHECK OUT

Black bag of Terra Chips

Terra Chips | The Sweet Potato and the Sweets & Beets are free of all of the five inflammatory ingredients. CHECK OUT

Bar of EatingEvolved Organic Coconut Butter Cups Classic

Eating Evolved Chocolate | I think most of their products are pretty much free of all five inflammatory ingredients except for the occasional nuts. CHECK OUT

A bar of Alter Eco Dark Chocolate with Nutty Toasted Quinoa

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Bar with Nutty Toasted Quinoa | The quinoa in this chocolate gives the bar an addictive crunchiness. CHECK OUT

A pack of Siete Foods Cassava and Chia Tortillas as anti-inflammatory snacks

Siete Foods Cassava and Chia Tortillas | These soft tortillas don’t taste completely traditional but the texture is spot on and perfect with eggs and salsa for a quickie breakfast or grilled veggies for a clean yet filling wrap. CHECK OUT

A pack of gluten-free DeBoles Rice Lasagna Noodles

DeBoles Rice Lasagna Noodles |


A bag of Cook’s Gluten-Free Sourdough Bread

Cook’s Gluten-Free Sourdough Bread | Get the original one, as I am not sure if the others are free of the five inflammatory ingredients. This bread is awesome! It’s so good! CHECK OUT

Bag of Living Intentions Activated Superfood Cereals and Sprouted Seeds

Living Intentions Activated Superfood Cereals and Sprouted Seeds | Their superfood cereals and sprouted seeds are great! Other Living Intentions products have nuts and corn in them, so just read the labels. CHECK OUT

Bag of Sea Salt Lentil Chips from Enjoy Life Plentils

Enjoy Life Plentils, Sea Salt Lentil Chips | The perfect crisp, salty snack for when you just need something to munch on. CHECK OUT

Box of Namaste Waffle + Pancake Mix

Namaste Waffle + Pancake Mix | Weekend mornings just got way better with this gluten-free mix. CHECK OUT

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