Ready, jet set, go. Weekend jaunt or tropical escape, traveling is the quickest way to put us in that wellnessy state of mind. Even when we can’t take off for a month to frolick in the jungle, just the fantasy of ‘butt in sand, coconut in hand’ is enough to provide us with some stress relief. Desk-based vacay, anyone?

We asked around this spring and found out where a few of our fave women in wellness are headed this summer. Their answers blew us away! Get ready for some major travel inspo – these ladies’ passport plans will give you all the summer guidance you need…

Barrett Prendergast, Valleybrink RoadKorakia in Palm Springs is not just for lovers; it is the ultimate in relaxation for a mom’s weekend away. Hanging by the pool, eating fruit kebabs, and reading magazines…what more could we ask for!

Kat Odell, food writerIf you’re keen on bohemian-chic vibes, then Byron Bay should be on your radar. This beachy town in Australia bears deep hippie roots, and today that earthy, wellness bent prevails. Places to check out include boutiquey hotel, The Atlantic, which looks like an Australian Surf Lodge, in addition to Halcyon House and its onsite restaurant, Paper Daisy, helmed by ex-Noma chef Ben Devlin. For a more casual affair, Folk is an organic plant-based place that serves beautiful bowls and flower-topped elixirs.

Whitney Tingle, Sakara LifeI’m getting married in Tel Aviv this June. After the wedding we’re taking a big group down to the Dead Sea because it is my favorite wellness destination (aside from my and Danielle’s hometown of Sedona!). I love to float around like a Hippo in a big bathtub. And the sunsets are spectacular. When I leave I am relaxed on a whole different level.

Danielle DuBoise, Sakara LifeCurrently I’m in Tulum, fresh out of a mud bath and now enjoying a platter of grilled local veggies, handmade pineapple sorbet and the best coconut margarita ever. This place is literally a slice of hippie heaven… Incense, green juice and yoga all beach side, conscious and done with love. I’m staying at Azulik, an eco-hotel that’s electricity free and the only sound you hear at night is the splash of waves hitting your porch (which has a swing and a hot tub). It’s hard to hang on to one’s worries here as this little place is a beautiful reminder that the pleasures in life are always the simplest.

Athena Calderone, EyeSwoonMy summer plans are taking me to Puglia Italy to Borgo Egnazia, a resort overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Borgo Egnazia features the VAIR spa (‘vair” meaning “true”). It’s Spa Director, Patrizia Bertolin, was commissioned to create a spa experience in keeping with Borgo’s philosophy of preserving local traditions and nature. She has a thoroughly holistic approach, customizing all of her treatments for the mind and body to each guest.

Tara Sowlaty, How You GlowCoqui Coqui in Mérida is one of the top city hotels on my list. You get the Coqui Coqui vibes we all know and love in an elegant and elevated bell-époque setting. With their signature boutique, perfumery, and spa this is a wellness spot to indulge in. Song Saa in Cambodia is another on my list. This private island is a glowy eco-luxury escape for sure. Tropical reefs, sunsets, magical waters, all set at Song Saa which is a conservationist effort above all.

Nitsa Citrine, Sun Potion | I’m excited to take a trip to Japan to shoot Female Artists and Activists (in Tokyo, Kyoto, Kyushu, Nara) with my friend Tasya for a project we are working on called Women With Superpowers. I’ll also be traveling to New York, Mexico City and Oaxaca. If I am lucky, Europe, France and Portugal too. I’m always dreaming of swimming in the Mediterranean!

Sarah Britton, My New RootsI’ll be traveling back to Canada and spending time in the 1000 Islands, Georgian Bay, Muskoka and Haliburton. Ontario in the summer is the most beautiful place on earth. I can’t wait to swim in those healing waters, sunbathing, eating all the gorgeous local produce and spending time with family and dear friends.

Kelly LeVeque, Be Well By KellyOne of my favorite trips this year was New Zealand and Australia. Wellness is made easy there: farm to table restaurants offer gluten free, dairy free, vegan and paleo options. Hiking makes it east to log 15,000 steps a day, suck up fresh oxygen and enjoy pasture raised or wild protein from the farm you passed on your way into town. Australia offered some amazing yoga studios like Humming Puppy, a Schumann Resonance studio thats design and music is actually the frequency of the earth itself and helps to ‘ground’ you through your practice.

Jenni Kayne, fashion designer | This summer I’ll be traveling to Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Martha’s Vineyard just off the coast of Massachusetts.

Jordan Younger, The Balanced BlondeIn June I am heading to Maui on my yearly family vacation. It feels like a second home to me because the people in Maui are so laid back and the pace of life is so me. I can’t wait for my daily fresh acai bowls, beach yoga, and lots of pool time! I am also headed to Nicaragua, Ojai, Charleston (first time! I need recs!), Napa Valley, Portland, and in early fall I will be headed to Sumya Island, Indonesia.

Geri Hirsch, Because I’m Addicted | Put me on a plane and I’ll go anywhere! I’m dying to go to Paws Up in Montana for an outdoor wellness retreat.

Sophie Jaffe, Philosophie | Every summer I go to Bethany Beach where I grew up. I bring my kids (and my blender) and we live a very simple life: we take bikes to and from the beach and don’t step in the car. I’m also going to Mexico for Kai’s spring break alone with the babies and staying at a friends house.

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